Contactless payments and consumers
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We are an online payments platform looking to commission articles covering a range of areas, principally personal finance. These will be targeted at consumers as well as businesses that might use our system.

Here are some areas we would like to cover:

- Personal finance advice.
- A historical view of cheque payments.   
- Updates on wearables and payments.
- Challenges in the US on mobile wallets.
- Articles around tips for starting the new financial year.
- An article on upcoming finance or technology conferences around the globe.

We are also looking for a range of topics around personal finance advice, the benefits consumers derive from new technologies like NFP, the benefits retailers derive, what the payments industry might look like in the next 10 years, and it is changing the way business is conducted in Australia.

Saying this, we are most interested in articles slightly outside the scope of the payments industry that discuss a broader financial issue relevant to consumers.

Commissioned articles will need to use the most up to date sources (from the last three months) and be completed using a professional tone.

Please contact if you have any questions.