Benefits of secure international money transfer
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We are an international money transfer service looking to promote what we do and the range of reasons people may utilise our service.

These include sending money offshore to:
- Pay school fees.
- Cover medical expenses.
- Pay for wedding expenses.
- Purchase overseas products.
- Buy a car.
- Paying for a holiday rental (e.g. villa/hotel)
- International charitable donations
- Education

There are of course a whole range of other reasons to use our service - for a fuller list please contact

Although we have international scope, we are based in Australia so content would need to be relevant to an Australian audience.

Pitches from Aussie expats are therefore especially sought.

Content should focus on the benefits of international money transfer. For instance, articles could discuss how international money transfer can help facilitate the purchase of international property, luxury goods, or retirement plans.

Another option could be list articles. For example, '5 items bought via mobile', or '5 great holiday destinations.'

Articles can also provide hints and tips around online purchases. These can include hidden fees to watch out for or the best online bargains.

Articles should also explain that our service offers the best exchange rates, lower than the banks and is very easy to use.

Our primary target audience is financially secure retirees, or those nearing retirement with a high disposable income to spend on travel, fine dining, and luxury vehicles.

A secondary target audience is US and UK expats with overseas debt to pay off. How can international money transfers ease this burden?

One reason is that it alleviates the hefty international money transfer costs of banks.

Questions commonly asked by people looking for a safe and reliable international money transfer service include:

- What are the best ways to transfer money overseas?
- What is the safest way to move money internationally?