Itchy scratchy: Combating rashes

Not all rashes are created equal and therefore not all rashes can be treated the same. It’s important for consumers (and GPs/Pharmacists) to understand the questions to consider and the differences in a rash that may help with a more accurate diagnosis.

We are a pharmaceutical company commissioning two articles on rashes and how to treat them.

One article will target parents with young children who are pharmacy shoppers and the other medical professionals, principally GPs and pharmacists.

Points to cover in consumer article:
Many consumers will self-diagnose a rash based on past experiences or even from a friends past experiences and therefore will specifically ask for a product to treat. They will do this without any consultation.

Points to cover for medical professionals article:
GPs and Pharmacists see a broad range of patients across many age groups and skin issues are only one of many therapeutic conditions they are required to diagnose on a daily basis. We want them to stop and consider the correct questions or signs when diagnosing before offering a treatment option.

Please submit a different pitch for each article.

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