Business in the Asia Pacific
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We are an online finance platform that publishes a wide variety of content.

These include:
- Infographics.
- Videos.
- Photo essays.
- Written articles.

Content streams cover the following topics: Economics, Technology and Innovation, The Asian Century, Business and Finance, Leadership, Sustainability and Inclusion.

Our readership consists of business leaders throughout, the Asia Pacific region. Readers could be high net worth individuals, or part of a professional business readership like that of AFR, The Economist and They will have diverse backgrounds and specialities, but will be frequenting the business lounges of airports worldwide.

Pitches should revolve around business and economic issues impacting the Asia pacific region.

More broadly, photo essays can capture industries common to certain regions, cityscapes and similar. Videos could be interviews with high level executives and economists.

If commissioned, written content needs to meet the following expectations: authoritative, active voice, tight reasoning, third person narrative perspective, quotes from experts, not too corporate (no "corporate speak") and personality.

We are interested in a broad range of ideas so don't be afraid to get creative!