Sugar in our diets

Our industry alliance wants to equip health care professionals (HCP) with critical and relevant information relating to sugar that people (consumers and patients) would like to know.

The main purpose of the content is to create credible articles that
educate HCP’s further in regards to:
1. Their attitudes and perceptions towards sugar and its resulting
health impacts.
2. What could be done to engender a more positive view of sugar,
diet and health.

Our message is that balance and moderation are key factors to healthy consumption of sugar.

All information for these articles must come from respected sources - ie. Peak bodies, Peer reviewed journals, industry experts etc. Food companies or others with vested interests are not appropriate sources.

Here are some topics we like:
Is sugar fattening?
The Australian Paradox
Sugar and empty Kilojoules
Low GI & High Protein Diets

Of less Interest:
Added sugars do not cause disease
Is sugar addictive?

We are looking for writers with health industry expertise to work on this brief.

For a full brief please email Deadline for pitches is 5pm 01/09/2015.