Benefits of hydration
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Pitch deadline: 2PM Friday 4 September

When water is irresistible, it’s easier than ever to drink more and improve your wellbeing, health and happiness.

We are an an advanced tap manufacture commissioning 10 articles on a variety of topics. These will mainly be on the benefits of hydration and water consumption.

This is a very important topic: currently the majority of Australians do not drink enough water and up to 75% of us are dehydrated.

Topics we may look to cover include:

-Performance Hydration
-Children Hydration
-Dangers of bottled water
-Dangers of unfiltered tap water
-"Party Season”hydration/DIY cocktail recipe tips
- Detox Hydration/could be DIY infused drinks (i.e. Cucumber/lemon in sparkling water or ginger and honey in hot water)

Generally though, the overarching theme should be the health benefits of staying hydrated.

Our target audience is switched-on, savvy women and mothers, well educated, cultured, connected, cashed up, fit and self-made health-nuts.

Please contact for more information.