Get active this spring
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Are there proven benefits to exercising in clothes you look and feel great in as opposed to that 12 year old pair of tracksuit pants and tattered t-shirt?

As Spring kicks into gear, we are a national chain of department stores keen to promote a healthy lifestyle.

This campaign is intended to foster growth in sales of our activewear range (please contact for details on this category.)

Our primary audience is mum's aged 30-55, who is purchasing not only for herself but also for her partner and children.

The secondary audience is females under 30 who want to work out and look fashionable while they do so, but don’t want to pay a fortune while sweating it out at the gym.

We will accept general pitches about the benefits of exercise but the main aim here is to highlight the psychological and physical link between activewear and exercise.

The deadline for pitches is 2PM Friday september 11.