Broad opportunity: European refugees crisis
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The European refugee crisis continues to be a massive story and with ISIS claiming they have secretly placed operatives amongst the masses of immigrants the situation is only going to become more complicated.

Germany has committed to taking on 800,000 Syrian refugees. What is the sentiment within the country regarding this decision and any potential security risks it poses for Germans and Europeans generally?

Do you have any news about ISIS gunmen members disguising themselves as refugees or is there an element to this story that hasn't been reported?

What are some of the broader implications for the rest of the world? Is this going to be a problem elsewhere and what can leaders do to address the issues posed by mass immigration?

Pitches can include interviews with normal German citizens, as well as authorities.

There is no ceiling on the content that can be pitched here: audio-visual and written pitches will both be accepted and we will accept a wide range of pitches, (including angles not outlined above) as long as their central conceit is the global refugee issue.

Pitch deadline: N/A