Food trucks with heart
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An international food truck company is looking for persuasive content that will help get their message out there and boost hires. Have you seen the movie Chef? Their trucks are just like that.

More importantly, for every meal that is bought, they donate a meal to someone in need. They have partnerships with charities and food banks all around the world.

The audience is corporate individuals, event organisers, community programs and real estate groups who may want to hire the services of the company.

Blog topics could range from:
- Thought pieces on their food donation policy
- Reasons for food truck hire
- Street food related articles
- Giving back to the community
- Food truck related stories, and more.

The company does everything from street food vending to corporate catering and everything in between. Not only do they manage the most delicious food trucks around, but they are doing good too.

This company want to encourage large organisations and corporate companies to make a difference to their local community.

For questions about the company, this brief, and topic ideas please contact

Pitch deadline: Australia - 2PM 16/09/2015
United States - 5PM (PT) 09/15/2015