Travel: 4x4 overseas adventure travelogue
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We are a publication designed for the 'everyman' 4x4 enthusiast.

We're commissioning a feature that will be about a 4x4 drive or holiday outside Australia. The trip commissioned will have already occured.

We'd like to know the nature of the trip. Where, when and how it was it all done. What was the scenery, location and terrain like? How long did it take? What were the highlights? What 4x4s were used and how did they perform?

An example trip might be the Moab Jeep Safari (USA) or desert driving in Dubai.

The 4x4 could be owned or hired.

For the story to be considered images must be previewed by the publication, so please attach some samples to your pitch.

Pitch Deadline: 09/03/2016

Contact for more information.