Real Life: Unusual family stories
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The bedrock of the Australian way of life has for a long time been the family unit. But, not all families are the same, in fact, some are quite unusual. We are looking to feature such a family in our magazine.

We are looking for a family that you may know from your local community that want to share their remarkable story.

For example, we'd be interested telling the story of a family who have had several multiple births (twins/triplets). Is there a family that is "cheaper by the Dozen". Perhaps there is a family that is forced by circumstance or choice to live in an extraordinary way?

Our readers are inspired by the stories of incredible family units. They are interested in other lifestyles and aren't shy of the salacious, extraordinary or shocking. 

We are a women's magazine catering to a middle-Australian audience. We publish weekly on all things celebrity, wellbeing, and real life. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing