Real Life: Leading magazine for women looking for the big exclusive
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One of Australia's premier Woman's magazines is looking for your real life stories. 

They publish incredible stories every week and are looking for journalists to pitch great case studies from local beats. 

Stories must have an amazing hook that grab a readers' attention immediately.

Real life stories can cover: 

1. Crime and related survival stories. 
2. Ordinary people in extraordinary situations and overcoming the odds (medical, family, job etc.)
3. Incredible weight-loss stories (30kilos+)
4. Miraculous birth and conception stories (eg. "I was told I'd never be able to have children, but now I've had a baby")
5. Weird or unusual weddings and wedding incidents
6. And more...

There is a keen interest in stories that can be tied to important dates - Easter, Anzac Day, Christmas, New Year, Australia Day, Valentine's Day etc. 

They inform, entertain, enlighten and engage their audience with remarkable stories that almost have to be seen to be believed. Our regular readers are 45-year-old mums in a relationship who are not working full-time.

Pitch deadline: Ongoing