Landmark Australian ethical brand launches lifestyle hub
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A landmark Australian brand has launched an online lifestyle hub for the growing population that care about healthy food, healthy living and natural products. We are commissioning a set of articles to inspire and inform on a range of topics - from green smoothies to working out, ethical issues, skin care and hipster health cafes. 

The audience is broad - those that buy the brand's product as well as potential customers and those just looking for some good lifestyle reading. These people will have at least a small interest in healthy living or ethical/ natural skin care products. 

The first four articles we are commissioning have the following topics:

- Top 5 best vegan and or organic café in Sydney and Melb including hyperlink to venues and a few words as to why

- Top 5 Super Green Smoothie recipes

- Barre Class- the new workout trend- article on what this fitness trend is and why has become so popular

- ‘Superfoods.’ What are superfoods? And why are they important/ essential part of our diets and lifestyles?

Please pitch to one of these topics outlining how you would address the topic. Offer an interesting title. The articles should be fun, inspiring and engaging. 

After these four articles are commissioned we will be looking for many more - of your own ideation. So get in first and you will have the chance for ongoing work!

If you would like to pitch these extra topic ideas of your own, please pitch them separately, to this brief. 

If you have questions about the brief contact