Crime: New revelations in old crime stories
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Gripping crime stories are some of the most successful with our readers and because of this great untold yarns are in high demand. 

We are commissioning features that reveal new information on old cases or include interviews with people who were previously unwilling to talk. We want to know what revelations they can share. 

Are there convicted criminals who still protest their innocence and feel they have the evidence to back their story? Is there a crime story that has been left unreported on that our readers should know about?

Is there a crime story, which has not been reported on that our readers should know about?

It is important that our stories contain revelations and some amount of intrigue. 

The higher profile the case is the more interest we will take, but we are open to all good stories - no matter their age. 

We want convictions to be in place for these stories and claims made in stories should be backed by evidence. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing