Real Life: Life's big (and small) heroes

From time to time, individuals do incredible things to help others in distress, at risk, or less fortunate. We want to share these incredible stories with our readers.

There are everyday heroes, like doctors and firefighters, but we are looking for is 'ordinary' heroes, put in a situation they had no training for, but acted with selflessness and courage. Individuals who are thrust into an extraordinary situation and subsequently save another's life(or the lives of many).

Kids sometimes save adults, siblings save each other and then there are parents - hero mums and dads who have put themselves in harms way to protect their children. There are even animals that prevent serious incidences from happening. 

The commissioned story or stories will be based on one case study. Depending on the strength of the story a feature could run to either 400 or 800 words. 

We are a highly circulated glossy women's magazine. Our audience is white bread middle Australia. They are married with children and read our exclusive stories to share remarkable stories with their friends. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing