Real Life: Commissioning remarkable pregnancy and birth stories

One of Australia's top women's magazines is interested in commissioning stories about out-of-the-ordinary pregnancies. Do you know someone who has a remarkable story to tell?

For instance:

Extraordinary Labours: A person who has recently been through a horror labour experience, but come out on the other side proud and happy to introduce their new baby to the world?

'Miracle conceptions': A doctor may have told a couple they were unable to give birth naturally, but then some time later the couple conceives. 

'Surprise pregnancies': This might occur when a couple finds out they are pregnant only a month or on the day they have the baby - it happens!

Every good story has a hook that draws readers (and editors) in, so consider the title and opening of your pitch carefully.

The magazine's readership is mostly women, aged 25-50, who are in a relationship and have children.

We need to see images of the case study before we commission. These don't need to be the images that will go to print, and can be sourced from social media. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing