Features: Business and personal success stories from South Australia
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A news service based in South Australia is looking for hard news stories across five sectors - resources, tourism, food and wine, education and health. If you are knowledgeable in one of these areas this brief is for you. 

The aim of commissioned articles will be to encourage investment, business, international students and tourism to the state.

To achieve this, success stories from these sectors are commissioned. 

For example, a report on an SME who have diversified and entered international markets or, in the education sector, a story about an international student who has graduated from an SA institution and become successful in their home country or in Australia. 

For health, they'd a look at a researcher who has made a medical discovery. Why is SA a health industry leader? 

Articles will run between 500-700 words and a minimum of one picture will be supplied with complete copy. 

The style and tone is usually matches that of hard news stories and will appeal to people with a keen or professional interest in one of the five sectors. "We do proper journalism for a professional audience."

Stories will need to interest audiences outside of South Australia. 

The success of South Australian wine distributor, Vinomofo is an excellent example of the kind of story we'd look to feature. However, that company has already received wide media coverage. We are looking to profile largely unknown businesses and innovators who have not been reported on yet. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing