Real Life: Annual events requiring feature coverage

We are planning our February, March, and April issues. For each issue, we commission three real life stories, which is why we need your help.

We are commissioning stories for Valentine's Day, Australia Day and Easter. 

We look for stories centering on everyday people (usually Australian) who are caught up in or have come out on the other side of incredible circumstances. 

These are stories that will grab the attention of a middle Australian, mostly female audience. They will be inspiring, shocking, unbelievable and remarkably entertaining reads.

For instance, perhaps there's an unreported story about the incredible lengths an individual has gone to for love on Valentine's Day. 

Or, a heartwarming story about a family reuniting for Australia Day after tragic circumstances held them apart. 

These are merely suggestions, there are plenty more real life stories to be told around these events. What is important is that the stories have a strong hook and have not been covered.

Pitch deadline: Ongoing