Real life: Unlikely love stories for Valentine's Day
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Our magazine will be sharing unlikely love and relationship stories this Valentine's Day, but right now we don't have enough stories.

We want to grab the readers attention right away with a great hooky headline. 

It's important to us that case studies have an out-of-the-ordinary or seemingly unbelievable story to tell.

We are also open to hearing about people's bad experiences with Valentine's Day, but we prefer and hope the story has an uplifting ending.

We won't be commissioning any simple 'I found the person of my dreams' stories where people simply met on Valentine's Day - there needs to be a great hook or twist.

Case studies usually supply images for commissioned stories.   

Our primary audience is women in a relationship, aged 25-45. They usually have children and could be classed as broad, middle Australian. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing