News features: Hyper local news-stories relevant to the nation
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We're Australia's most read news site and to maintain this we commission great reads from freelancers that get people talking. 

We look for stories that are off-the-beaten track, stories that will grab the attention of a middle Australian audience. 

Our large staff of journalists work hard to produce entertaining, interesting and engaging content - but they are based in Sydney and can often find it difficult to source hyper-local news stories that are relevant to the nation.

Stories you pitch will need to offer a new perspective, insight or exclusivity. Our aim is engagement, we want people to share and comment on our stories, which is why we love issues-based features and stories that will generally inspire awe, intrigue and controversy.

Speaking with a national voice, we report across multiple verticals: entertainment, travel, lifestyle, sport, business, technology, money and real estate. But, we balance this by also reporting on global events - from pop culture to politics.

If a story calls for humor or a tongue in cheek style then please pitch it with that tone in mind. 

A good story lends itself to a strong hook and headline. When you are writing your pitch ask yourself, 'did I write the best hook for this story?' 'Will a busy editor stop to read my pitch because the headline is strong?'

Images: We often require images to be sourced by the journalist, but sometimes we are able to provide images of our own. If you have them, please include them with your pitch.

Here are some topics that have been commissioned previously:

1. Frozen in time - WWII Ghost Town in France - Deserted since June 10, 1944, this French village has all the buildings but none of the people. 

2. High-Speed Rail - Australia the little engine that can't Why after millions have been spent on research Australia still isn't moving towards high-speed rail. 

3. Australian woman jailed in Peru for 14 years - An Australian drug smuggler shares her story from a Peruvian prison.

4. Creative commune - The creepy mansion where ideas are born The remarkable secluded estate, where Truman Capote and Sylvia Plath cut their teeth. 

5. Living perched on the edge of a volcano As a volcano in Ecuador was set to blow, we spoke to the local community about living near this pressure cooker. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing