Travel: Motorcycle travel adventures and custom fit-outs
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We are a motorcycle trade publication wanting to inspire and give guidance to readers interested in travelling Australia and the world on two wheels, particularly if those wheels are customised. 

Our target audience is experienced motorcyclists and also potential new owners looking to buy a new bike or parts.

We are looking for features on motorcycle travel, particularly if the bike used has a custom fit out.

Generally features run between 700 to 1000 words. 

We want to know what gear was needed for the trip and what parts were added to customise the bike. Where these modifications route specific? How did these changes fare? How long did it take to customise the bike?

We want to know the length of the trip and the kind of terrain covered. 

If you haven't done a trip personally, perhaps you know someone who has? Track down an enthusiast and ask them about their latest adventure.  

Think of Che Guevara’s famous journey through South America, or Hunter S. Thompson’s tumultuous stint with the Hell’s Angels. 

High res photos are mandatory - please include them with your pitch. If you have questions about images, please reach out to the contact below. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing