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We are a leading women's publication with a budget for great online content that will attract new readers. 

Specifically, we'd like to extend our coverage of local real-life and Australian celebrity stories. 

The first thing we look for in a great story is the hook - does it grab our attention? If it grips us - it will grip our readers.

A common theme in articles we commission is 'overcoming adversity' - Something terrible happened to me, but now I'm great.

Our focus is usually on family, so including partners, kids, grandkids, brothers, sisters etc. in the story is important. 

Local real life stories might include:

1. Crime and someone's recovery from said crime. (convictions should be in place)

2. Ordinary people caught in unlikely situations and overcoming the odds (medical, pregnancy, family, job etc.)

3. Weight-loss stories (30kilos+). (with these a second story-line really helps - eg. a wedding, unique/unusual style of weight loss etc.)

4. Miraculous birth and conception stories (eg. "I was told I'd never be able to have children, but now look at my miracle child")

5. Life on the land: Our rural readership is large, so inspiring stories from rural communities are well-loved. 

As far as local Australian celebrity stories go, we are not only looking for sightings and photos - we are also keen to hear about how Australia and the world is reacting to Australian celebrities. These stories fuel our "gossip" pages. 

We take a particular interest in timely stories centering on upcoming events.  

We like to inform, entertain, enlighten and engage our audience with remarkable stories that almost have to be seen to be believed. Our regular readers are 30-45-year-old mums in a relationship who are not working full-time.

Please include photos of any case studies. If you have questions about this, please contact the editor below. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing