Real Life: Strange, Supernatural spirits and the unexplained or inexplicable things in life
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We are looking to tell the real story of those who have had a brush with the supernatural. This would require a case study feature of those who live a life close to the inexplicable.

Scary stories have gripped the imagination for almost as long as human history. Ghosts, ghouls, the unexplained - still the supernatural persists in the popular imagination and the urban experience.

The story might be a look at a psychic, who can commune with spirits; paranormal investigators; exorcists and spiritual cleansers; graveyards increasingly being caught up in the bounds of ever-expanding cities or homes haunted by a spiritual visitor.

Writers might look to online resources, where devotees of the supernatural congregate. We look to cover Australian stories of the supernatural, although spiritual experiences from around the world may speak loudly.

The angle might be the story behind the haunting, or a family’s tenacity in the face of the unexplained.

Please note: these stories must be convincing. They have to tell the tales of those who truly believe in the spiritual. They need to speak to our audience of women, aged 35-45 from middle-Australia backgrounds - people for whom family, or a family troubled by spirits resonates.

Photographs of the haunting, or strong visual content showing the supernatural elements of the story, are strongly encouraged.

Deadline: Ongoing