Family stories: Large or Unusual families who live extraordinarily
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Typically families are thought of in the nuclear variety, two parents, two kids. However, our publication is looking to feature a more extraordinary family.

We are looking for someone who can tell the story of a family who walk a different path. We’d be interested in big families, perhaps several generations and loads of kids under one roof or a family visited by consistent generations of twins.

Tell us the story of an unusual family living in your area - what makes them work, show us the trials and triumphs of those who live large, in strange ways.

Please include sample photos need to show the family, its scale and scope - they need to be people-oriented, to speak to the human face behind the story. Colour and vibrancy are encouraged, image quality should be maximised.

Our publication speaks to family women mainly aged 35 and up. They are middle Australian - have kids and a spouse. 

Deadline: Ongoing