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We want someone who can tell a tale of crime, missing women, a life struck hard by crime - but with positive resolution. Of strength and tenacity and endurance in face of the odds.

Our publication typically runs stories about women’s lives in the face of crime, we need something that speaks to women from middle Australia.

Writers will find themselves published in Australia’s most read women’s publications - telling a story people want to hear.

The story might be a case study on women killers, or of a mother taken too soon. It might tell the story of someone who’s recovered from a life of crime or drugs, to be a productive member of society.

These stories can run the gambit from true-crime to features on the life of someone who’s come through a great trial or suffering. It might be someone noteworthy, or your everyday lady.

Writers could look to coronial inquests, follow a case through the courts or look to the final judgements, community publications, those recognised for their tenacity by the community. Maybe someone you know fits the bill. 

Delve into the archives, are there old stories that warrant exploration or new investigations?

These stories would best be supported by strong visual content - pictures that speak loudly of suffering or tenacity.

Deadline: Ongoing