Photo series: Human interest and human stories as told through images
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Australia’s most read news site is looking for someone to tell a strong human interest story, through photos.

We report on everything from entertainment to economics. 

We’re looking for something that hasn’t been said before, that will grab the attention of a reader (and a news editor!)

A photo story about something that’ll interest a national audience is in order. Something that can step through the background noise to really resonate with readers.

The images could be found / sourced or your own, we simply want something that can tell a tale through a powerful visual medium. Note: Your photos must be originally sourced, and must not breach copyright.

Your story might come from far afield - of exotic or unseen locales - or a side of Australia less seen or understood.

You could look at the struggles of rural centres, the ever-present realities of drought and flooding rain, the great distances of travel or rooted to a spot, the changing face of a space in our cities through the day. You could look outside Australia, to tell our audience of the stories they seldom see or hear or know. 

Before you pitch, consider the newsworthiness of your story. Why am I telling this story now?

We generally commission 5-10 images + 500-700 words.

If you’re a photographer, or simply know how to tell a good yarn through pictures with words, this is your chance.

Deadline 01/02