Hard News and Features: Daily news site interested in consumer affairs
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A growing daily news site is looking for people to tell great and compelling stories.

Features that can lead the daily offerings of a major news site will be well received. We fit the traditional tabloid mould - smart, but populist

We find our readers are interested in consumer affairs - particularly relating to airlines, supermarkets, entertainment (Netflix, Stan etc.) and tech companies. What information is being leaked about the latest gadget or smartphone? 

Our readers also have a soft spot for politics, entertainment, personal finance and hard news.

We'll only commission original content. We compete with a number of news websites and find exclusive stories draw new readers. We try to stay a day ahead of the news and encourage journalists pitching to this brief to consider how their story might add value to our publication. What information do you have that we don't?

Our publication speaks to everyday Australians, casual news consumers, workers who care about the world around them.

Your feature pieces can run the gamut from hard news to a more discursive approach to an issue that matters to people.

Strong visual storytelling is encouraged, pictures will never go astray.

But keep in mind; why am I telling this story, why does it matter?

If you think there’s a yarn to tell, and you’re the one to do it, look here.


Deadline: 15/02/2016