Human interest: Stories with a strong emotional hook
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A magazine with a rich history of reporting on stories that matter to women is commissioning emotionally driven human interest stories for women aged 25-45.

The monthly magazine considers itself an agenda setter on what matters most to women. 

With a readership just shy of 2 million, the magazine speaks to Australian women (and men) through long-form journalism centering on one or more case studies.

Their shortest pieces are around 800 words.

Their focus is not limited to one area, they deliver a unique combination of stories from entertainment and celebrity to health, craft and food. 

However, the stories they will commission will have an emotional hook and make the reader feel something. 

An example of this is a woman who struggled for years to have a baby finally met and fell in love with her sperm donor - 8 months into her pregnancy.

Typically human interest stories for this audience fall into a few categories that are not dissimilar to 'Real Life' stories - Miracle pregnancies, crime etc. 

The difference is this magazine does not shy away from controversial or 'tough' topics

Pitch deadline: 21/03/2016