Health: All about sugar
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A sugar industry body is looking to bust some myths around sugar (without being too controversial!) 

Here are some topics they would like covered: 

- Achieving a healthy balanced diet can include some sugar

- Elimination of one food group is too simplistic

- Food and nutrition trends over history

- What do the different terms about sugar mean? Is there consensus?

- Fructose

- Is sugar bad for my heart?

-  Misperceptions of ‘sugar-free’ food labelling. These foods are not necessarily healthier

- Natural vs added sugars, are they all the same?

- Consumption trends, obesity trends

- Diabetes or dental

- Strongly anti-sugar or quitting sugar

The articles will require expert interviews with accredited nutritionists, accredited practising dietitians, GP’s or those employed in academia demonstrating a balanced viewpoint on the topic.


Pitch deadline: 3PM 22/3/2016