Digital marketing: Hints and tips
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We are Hong Kong based digital marketing experts commissioning thought leadership pieces on the following topics: 

1. Why is digital so important in marketing? 

2. How to determine the best social media strategies and tactics for the Asia Pacific and Greater China

3. How to integrate social channel strategy with other/traditional marketing channels

4. What can marketers do to get around ad-blocking?

5. How can digital marketing and social media engagement drive sales?

6. How personalised digital marketing can hep build brands.


The same client is also commissioning three articles on e-commerce. 

1.   Good and bad examples of overseas brands attempting to enter the Chinese e-Commerce industry


2. How can the e-Commerce industry overcome strong censorship in China?

3. The differences between the e-Commerce eco-system, culture and practice in the West and Australia.

Pitch deadline: 11/4/2016