CX marketing: The future of marketing is data driven
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Our client is a major player in the customer experience (CX) marketing industry is keen to educate its consumer base in the benefits for data-driven marketing.

Articles should address how data-driven analytics is the future of marketing thanks to technology upgrades and intelligent marketers adapting as a result.

The primary audience for these articles is CMOs/CXOs and marketing directors in mid-market or enterprise organisations. They are the decision makers driving the direction of their marketing budget. 

Marketing automation is fast becoming a critical factor in campaign strategy and how brands interact with their customer base.

Millennials are a prime example with their swift take-up of mobile technology and social media applications.

Data can mine these areas for essential information that will allow companies to make better-informed decisions about how they can help their customers.

Here are the three main points they would like to draw out:

1. The future of marketing is data driven
2. Marketing technology is changing, as is the role of the data-driven marketer
3. Marketing automation is the future of advertising to future generations

The brand has a cheeky professional personality – serious about business, joyful and humorous in how we go about it.

Our client has commissioned ten articles, which need to be filed by April 22.

Pitch deadline: 10AM Friday 15/4.

Contact the editor for brand guidelines and further detail:


With millennials thirsting for information and content, data-marketing is homing in on the pressure points for this demographic.

It underlines the importance in understanding CX marketing, what the future holds for the industry and how consumers can obtain a better understanding of it.