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Our client is a major brand in the superannuation sector and has commissioned a number of articles that will educate and enhance their customer's level of understanding on finance topics. 

 The blue collar industry is the key demographic for these articles. they prefer a simple approach to managing their finances and are put off by technology and complex jargon. 


Retirees and those about to enter retirement are the target audience for these. They should emphasise on the link between healthy finances and peace of mind for those who have had trouble managing their money in the past. 


Please contact the editor for brand guidelines and further detail: 




Our client wants to provide newsworthy and topical articles relevant to their clients on the following subjects: 


- Tips and advice on starting your own small business. 


- How to earn money with your trade overseas. 


- Topical news articles affecting their members. 


- General finance hacks (please steer clear of advice pertaining to super) 


Deadline: This is an urgent brief.