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Our client is a renowned vitamin supplement company that has commissioned articles to educate its customer database. 

The campaign messaging will revolve around the benefits of anti-aging cream and aim to convince the customer their produce is the best on the market. 

Skin benefitting activities include: 

- Protection against oxidative and photo-damage. 

- Skin lightening and even skin complexion. 

- Anti-aging overall, protection and wellbeing.

- Added dietary supplement provides a natural and unique way to maintain beautiful, healthy, radiant and younger appearance from within. 

The objective of these pieces is to sell the idea that both the supplement and cream are an essential purchase combination. 

The target audience for these pieces area: 

1. Pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, departments store buyers and department store beauty counters. 

2. The Asian female wanting to 'strengthen' her skin. 

3. The general aging woman wanting the best skin care options available. 

4. The Jewish business community (research company angle).

5. The general health / wellbeing / beauty category. 

We are looking for individual pitches that caters to each target audience and their core values. 

Please contact for more information.