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We have received a brief from a company in the digital marketing industry who are is seeking articles relating to the .film domain registry.

These articles are targeted at producers and distributors in the film industry and are designed to inform them of the numerous benefits associated with .film domain names. 

These benefits include: 

 - Exclusivity - (you must be in the film industry to obtain one).

- Establishing authority

 - Improved SEO results   

- Have the first choice in domain names - be the first hit in a search engine. 

 - Have a shorter, more memorable domain name. 

 - Increased marketing appeal to potential buyers. 

Pitches should revolve around the benefits of .film.

Our client wants people to know that .film is a restricted space, meaning you must be in the film industry to buy one. A restricted namespace has many benefits including getting your first choice in domain names, no cybersquatting, exclusivity, and authoritative content with the general public.

They also want to cover SEO benefits of .film and, if commissioned, can put you in touch with members who have already made the switch and are seeing the search benefit.

‘How to’ articles are good. For example, how to strengthen your brand with a .film name

Contact: for more information. 

Pitch deadline: 4/5/2016