Hockey: Encouraging grassroots participation
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We are helping a client build awareness of National Hockey Week, which runs from 28 May to 5 June. 

The purpose of the campaign is to promote hockey as a destination sport at the grassroots level. 


There are two audiences we are targeting to that end:

1. Senior hockey players (aged 35 -55). We'd love to see case studies of players who have returned to the sport in middle age despite not playing since school.

2. Young hockey players (aged 13-19). We need to connect with this audience by promoting hockey as a fun sport to play with friends. Again, we are after case studies. 

We also want to publicise 'Hockey Heroes'. These are club volunteers who have made extraordinary sacrifices to help the sport they love. An example is performing emergency CPR during a match. These stories would run as profile pieces. 

This brief isn't restricted solely to written articles; please feel free to pitch videos, photography and infographics. too. 

Pitch deadline: 1PM April 29