Caravanning adventures #1: Caravanning on a budget
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We are commissioning an article that will serve as a guide on 'how to have a caravan/campervan/RV holiday (of at least two weeks duration) on a budget'. 

The article would look at the purchase of the caravan (optional, but recommended), how to find the best deal on a caravan, setting a budget for the trip, how to save money on the road, low-cost campsite options, etc.

The article will be approx. 1000 words and have a good selection of supporting high-res images. First person perspective is preferred, but third person considered.

Tone and structure of the article needs to speak to a moderate to highly knowledgeable audience. This means content should be more of a detailed guide and inspiration to already-established enthusiast travellers, rather than a less-detailed “lifestyle” piece.

Details on specific products and items purchased for and used on the journey are required (eg. camping gear, tow equipment, tyres, travel fridges, vehicle/caravan upgrades, etc. – not general items like food, gas bottles, crockery, bedding, etc.). Include brand names, models/variants, purchase price, etc. on relevant items.

Content should cover:

    • What caravan/camper trailer/RV was purchased and why (make/model/year, and why it was selected over others).
    • Purchase price. Include any extras either added at purchase time or acquired after.
    • How and where the caravan was purchased (dealer, private sale, at a caravan show, etc.).
    • What other makes and models were considered.
    • What was the tow vehicle (for a caravan/camper/trailer) or base vehicle (for an RV).
    • The route and destination for the holiday.
    • Time of year the holiday took place and why that time was chosen (eg. off season to save money).
    • What was the budget set for the holiday and did you stick to it (explain why/why not).
    • How did you save money on the road (free campsites, bringing/cooking own meals, combined with seasonal work, etc.).
    • How did the caravan/camper trailer/RV perform on the trip – describe any areas where it impressed or disappointed.
    • What was the highlight of the trip.
    • Would you do this particular trip again with this particular vehicle (explain why/why not).
    • Top 5 tips for caravanning on a budget.


Pitch deadline: 04/05/2016