Paging cyber crime experts: at-risk SMEs need assistance
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Our client in the insurance industry is looking for articles that will highlight the need for SMEs to have strong cybersecurity.

By offering insightful and detailed articles about the full range of cybersecurity issues, including threats, trends, and the steps businesses can take to protect themselves, our client seeks to position itself as a trusted expert on all things related to IT security.

They aim to be the first port of call for insurance brokers seeking new products, and a trusted ally to small and medium business owners. 

The articles will be authoritative and well researched, but also contain wit, warmth, and optimism, and have an overall positive tone. 

The articles should cover the following topics:

  • It’s not just big businesses who face cyber risks.
  • Small business cyber risk mitigation tips.
  • Things to consider about cyber risks.
  • Common incidents/claims.
  • Case studies.
  • Trends in cyber threats.

If you are able to offer insight into this important issue that can confuse those who aren't computer literate, please contact for more information about the brief.

The deadline for pitches is this Friday.