Food trucks

Our client is an on-trend FinTech company offering investment services. They want to promote their insightful, relevant expertise by commissioning stories about new economies and, in particular, the "underground economy of food trucks". 

They know their audience intimately and help them build and manage personalised investment portfolios. 

They stand out from competitors by delivering their services through cutting-edge digital technology, and through their intuitive grasp of the values and culture of young professionals in the process of building up their wealth.

Their clients may not yet count themselves as being part of Australia's wealthiest class, but they have the means to get there. They love travelling to exotic places, drinking boutique beers, entertaining, exploring the newest restaurants and pop-ups, and, most importantly, are beginning to think seriously about their future. 

They are after on-brand, on-trend content that will explore unique and interesting angles of the Australian and global economies. They specifically want articles on “The underground economy of Food carts” but other angles would be considered. 

For a full overview of the topics the client would be interested in, email Lachlan at