Skincare: The importance of a regimen
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The client is after articles that address skin concerns, wrinkles, age spots and position a product as the solution.


Content should be linked to seasonal insights when possible to demonstrate the clients understanding of its audience. 


In particular, the client wants to dismiss the notions surrounding relevance, superiority, and believability. 


Relevance: The notion that the brand is not perceived as a trendsetter and how consumers should be using the latest and most innovative products. 


Superiority: Educating the audience about how their products are higher quality compared to other brands with a more premium feel to them. 


Believability: Dispelling the notion that consumers don't trust skincare products and require more proof and information in their sales decision. 


Deadline: June 1st - 2pm


The tone will be a positive and trusting voice that's inspirational and yet approachable to the reader. 


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