Keen to write for one of Australia's biggest telcos?
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The project:


We're gearing up to work with one of the biggest telecommuications companies in Australia on content that supports enterprise businesses with their telecommunications and internet needs.


If you're an expert/specialist in the area of telecommunications, networking and telephony, this brief is for you.


What we need:


We're after pitches on the following themes:


1. Business networks (mostly for larger business, not small)


2. Enterprise communications


Pitches should fall under one or more of these categories, in order to be relevant to the client:


1. Internet of things: connecting simple devises to the network (m2m)


2. Machine to machine learning: data communication between machines


3. Cybersecuirty: DDOS, remote access, network firewall


4. Business resilience: Backup and recovery


5. Enterprise networks: IP Wan, multimode networks


6. Fibre optic network: Enterprise network


7. Cloud: Connecting to the cloud



Pitches should include:


Practical, helpful information on the above topics, or case studies where relevant.




All content should "give" the audience something.


Target audience:

Smart, intelligent business-goers who are educated


Technical decision makers

ICT managers

Sitting above CIO

Primarily technical contacts




Tone of voice:


Formal, business, direct and straight-forward. Don’t talk down to them.


Intended article length


600-800 words. 

Intended article deadline: 








Where relevant and able to include.




Things to avoid:


DO NOT include mentions of: Telstra Business, Optus, TPG Business, Macquarie Telecom, iiNet Business, Next Telecom


** please keep in mind the target audience is Austrailian-based**