Tell us about your global water challenges
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This is a chance for our global contributors to get involved with a good cause, organisation and project. NFP The International Water Centre - is looking to help educate those all around the world of the various water "challenges" that are happening in different locations, on a local level.


Our primary goal is to educate people of the challenges around water (any part of the whole water cycle) around the world (in either rural, community or urban settings and in both developing and developed nations).


We're after stories from your own hometown on the water situation and the challenges that your location is facing. It may be water hygiene, usage, etc. We want to promote a holistic understanding of what's going on around the world with water.


Here's a snapshot of what we're thinking:




1.Household water security:


Access to piped supply


Access to sanitation


Water hygiene




2. Economic water security:


Agricultural water use


Industrial water use


Energy water use


Broad economy impacts




3. Urban water security:


Water supply


Wastewater treatment




River health




4. Environmental water security


River health


Hydrological alterations


Governance of the environment




5. Resilience to water-related disasters


Floods and wind storms




Storm surges and coast floods




We want stories we haven't seen before. And we want them from all over the world. 


***Deadline Extended*** 

Pitches close Monday, January 14, 11am AEST/AEDT