Bite sized bits
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Global [Australian Focus]

Our client is an app from one of Australia’s largest intergrated property groups. In a bid to connect tennants, they’ve launched an app currently being rolled out in Sydney and Melbourne. In addition to virtual-assistant-like services, the app comes with a content feed. This is where you’re bright bite-sized ideas come into the picture. 


We are looking to commission articles that will engage, entertain and inform tenants and users of the app.

We want your interesting, short, snackable-sized article ideas on the themes of community and innovation in line with upcoming calendar dates like easter and NAIDOC week.
When pitching, please note which theme and calendar date/event your pitch pertains to.


The purpose of the content is to create substantial content that’s thought-provoking.
All articles must have references supplied for any sources used. References need to be of a high quality (no wikipedia here!) Articles range from 250 to 400 words.


Don't delay pitch today!

Pitches close [Monday, March 25 at 2pm AEST/AEDT.]