Cash rate commentary | Floating vs Fixed Rates
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Global, Aus focused

Do you know your negative gearing? Are you across all things property? Are you across the the key decision makers in property?

Our client, a major fund manager in Australia, wants to inform and educate retail investors, financial advisers, property developers and mortgage brokers.

We're seeking pitches around:


-cash style investments

-Returns on cash style investments

-Cash rate/ recent decisions around the cash rate

-Fixed income investments

-Floating vs. fixed rates

-Duration of fixed income products i.e. duration risk/ credit risk or -interest risk

-Property market commentary


We would like this round of pitches to focus on mortgage trust and cash style product. 

    • Opportunities to talk about mortgage trusts in particular (focus on property trust, mortgage trust products from the client)

    • Investing more generally (not specific to property). Importance of diversified portfolios.

    • Can be general stories, but all must have thought leadership and understand target audience is sophisticated

600-800 word articles suitable for a blog. 

If this sounds like you, pitch us today. Having issues? Want more info? Email

Pitches close Friday April 23, 9am AEST/AEDT.