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URGENT CALL-OUT: Biotechnology, health and longevity

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Our ongoing client—Open Universities—is looking for stories/pitches on the following topic:

Biotechnology and the effects of health and longetivity. 

Within these, we'd like you explore this field and how it's having a direct effect on peoples' health, and the average lifespan, etc.


URGENT CALL-OUT: Trends and product insights for wellness industry

Pitch for this brief

Our client is currently gearing up to hold the Naturally Good Expo in Melbourne. For this brief, we are after pitches that can offer exhibitors at the event, as well as other industry professionals (e.g. naturopaths), insights into what's going on in the field.




Exhibitors fall under these categories, and professionals interested in the event and content will also work in these fields:



    • Food & Drink

    • Natural Beauty & Personal Care

    • Home & Living

    • Vitamins & Supplements

    • Complementary Medicine

    • Herbal Remedies



Pitches could include:

    • Pick the latest product trend and analyse it from a business perspective


    • Interviews with influential people in the field


    • Overview of the product categories around the world – ie  natural Beauty in China, Organic Food & Drink trends in Hong Kong etc


    • Industry news in that space in Australia and around the world


    • Complementary medicine – targeting naturopaths and other professionals.



A helpful website to take examples from (not copy) is: 


Please note that this event is not a consumer show. It's for professionals in the industry only. 



URGENT CALL-OUT: Business advice for health and wellness startups

Pitch for this brief

Our client is currently gearing up to hold the Naturally Good Expo in Melbourne. For this brief, we are after pitches that can offer exhibitors at the event, valuable and insightful business advice. This means offering tips and tricks to help grow their own startup in the health and wellness space. 


Exhibitors fall under these categories:


  • Food & Drink

  • Natural Beauty & Personal Care

  • Home & Living

  • Vitamins & Supplements

  • Complementary Medicine

  • Herbal Remedies



Pitches should cover:

- Business advice

- Tips and tricks

But all should relate to the above categories of business.


A helpful website to take examples from (not copy) is: 

Other examples may include:

- How to build a great team

- How to brand effectively in the wellness space




Financial planning | Financial trends and info for families

Pitch for this brief

We're looking for pitches on some various topics relating to family financial planning. These might include:


- Financial planning for the future of the family

- General financial tips and advice

- Small loans

- Money tips

- Relevant lifestyle content



Oil & Gas - industry, innovations and news

Pitch for this brief

Our client is the AOG (Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference) and is one of the longest running Oil and Gas events in the Australasian region. Comprised of a three day exhibition, free extensive conference program and networking events it has become a well-known meeting point for the industry. Many industry professionals would know of AOG, even if they have not been themselves.

At its height AOG attracted 15,000 people to the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.

This project will be aimed at creating content around this audience:

The event has a very broad attendee profile. All will work in oil and gas but in very different capacities and specialities. This ranges from engineers (largest audience), to administrational staff, to project managers from not only big companies (Woodside etc) but also a number of small to medium sized enterprises.

Topics for thie project will be around: 

Main headline is we want to present the stories behind the industry - the people, the forecasts, the movers and shakers, the associations to connect with, etc.


All content should fall under 1 of four key themes.


  • Subsea

  • As it pertains to the Subsea industry - relating to the exploration, drilling and development of oil and gas fields in underwater locations

  • Knowledge

  • This is a fairly broad set of terms to cover niche interest sets. these are:

    • Asset management and integrity

    • Maritime

    • Safety

    • Instrumentation Control and Automation

    • Non destructive testing

    • Corrosion

    • LNG

    • Risk

    • Offshore structures

    • Exploration

  • Collaboration

  • This is squarely aimed at content or topics with involvement from major industry profile or involvement - including Woodside, Chevron, Inpex, BP, NERA, BHP, Shell, Government.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • We have an event at AOG called Diversity & Inclusion which is a breakfast dealing with topics such as race, age, sexuality, etc and how those issues impact and are being treated within the oil and gas industry.

Topics could fall under:


  • innovation

  • Anything about industry collaboration between small players, big and small or major operators

  • Start-ups

  • Anything which is saving time and money in the industry

Some ideas (just random thoughts): 


  • Digitisation (how it is a game changer for new developments in repair and maintenance, design, etc, and how it is significantly reducing costs for operators and service and supply companies)

  • Drone usage in all types of inspection services and how drones are being combined with all types of inspection technologies







Have you written on Fintech and Bitcoin before?

Pitch for this brief

We're urgently hunting down some journalists who have knowledge and experience in writing on bitcoin. If you've completed journalistic work on bitcoin before, we're looking to hear from you.

Please pitch to this brief with samples of your work (on bitcoin).

Have a question? Email Cassie on

DermAid: fast-acting relief for minor skin irritations

Pitch for this brief

Our client is after pitches that promote their new product: DermAid. 


This product is the go-to soution for fast relief towards minor skin irritations. 


Pitches should cover:


> Spray is a convenient resource to have on hand


> Can be used for sunburn, itchy dermatitis, jewellery rashes, scalp irritations, insect bites, eczema and more. 


> Gentle on the skin. 


Please note that these stories will be a quick turnaround, within the next week. 




Pitch for this brief


The project:

Our client is a major eye surrgery clinic in Melbourne, Australia, and is known for Dr Alpins's huge success in the indsutry. As a pioneer in laser eye surgery, New Vision Clinics is placed as a thought leader and authority.

We have previously done articles on all things to do with eye health, and are looking for more, this time on the below topics...


Pitches should be around the following topics:

Content ideas that are highly relevant to events and key dates on the Australian calendar between Oct - Dec, as well as looking ahead to 2018.

For example:

- Spring Racing Carnival

- Losing the glasses for summer and other summer related ideas

- The Ashes

- Concerts coming up

- Christmas

- New Years (events and resolutions)

- Preparing for 2018

+ Other topics as per previous briefs - always pointing back to the benefits of laser eye surgery and the benefits of laser V wearing glasses.


Other subject matter could involve topics more specific to laser eye health, including, but not limited to:

Different conditions causing poor eye health, and how they can be corrected.

    • LASIK
    • Myopia
    • Astygmatism
    • Eye exams and the importance of regular checks
    • Facts and myths around eye health
    • Parenting / Children
    • Choosing an eye surgeon
    • Modern technology
    • Ditching glasses
    • Short sightedness
    • Protecting eye health
    • Benefits of glasses/contacts Vs Eye surgery


Target audience: Those experiencing vision problems and are affected by having to wear glasses or contact lenses. These may be busy parents or those looking to enhance their lifestyle with laser eye surgery.


Tone of voice: Friendly, informative, helpful.  


Intended article length: 600-800


Research/interviews: Where suitable. Do not interview competitiors.


Things to avoid: Mentioning competitiors or alluding claims that can't be backed up.



PITCH DEADLINE: 10am Friday 13th October (AEST)

Space | Science | Chain management | Tertiary study

Pitch for this brief

Our ongoing client—Open Univeristies—is on the hunt for some more stories on the following topics:


Benefits of tertiary study – more than $

Besides those with the ambition to earn more money, there are many other benefits of studying at uni level. Eg, Satisfying curiosity, expanding critical thinking, understanding and contribution to community etc.

Something like this article:


Applied Sciences

Bioscience and biotechnology are shaping the environment and food supply, ensuring that all living things can survive and live more safely. Drawing on core science areas such as genetics, biological chemistry and microbiology this degree is taught by researchers at the leading edge of industry practice.



An article on the fascination with space exploration in light of the media release from the National Space Agency


Supply Chain Management

An article on an interesting industrial sector (could be aviation, automobile, computing, manufacturing, mining, retailing, shipping, global, transport, distribution or warehousing).

Is there an industrial sector with some interesting and topical development of late? Some sector that impacts all of us, so has mass appeal.


These articles should be focused on Australians, for the most part, but this brief is open to global contributors. 

Please keep in mind that the target audience are current and future students, stakeholders and professionals looking to upskill.



NEW BRIEF ALERT: Internet of Things and Innovation

Pitch for this brief

For this brief, we're looking for pitches that are on:

  • Digital disruption

  • Internet of Things

  • Australian payments landscape

  • Australian Consumers Banking trends/preferences

  • Online shopping, cart abandonment

  • Consumer shopping/retail trends



OLD BRIEFS - No longer relevant

Pitch for this brief


















































































URGENT brief: Malaysia travel

Pitch for this brief

We have a client looking to commission articles on the following topics about holidaying in Malaysia. 


- The most outrageous/ shocking hawker dishes you can buy

- Street food degustation tour - guide on the tastiest hawker spots (and the dishes you need to try)

- 20 Malaysian dishes to try before you die

- The X best restaurants with a view

- How to score a table at the top restaurants in town

- I had dinner in KL and it cost me less than $5



- Inside the world's top 10 biggest shopping centres

- Is it possible to shop for 24 hours straight in Malaysia? 

- 15 reasons Malaysia is the new Thailand - glorious temples, unspoiled beaches, easier/cheaper to get to, world-class diving, awesome nightlife, luxe hotels etc

- Get High In Malaysia! Whether it's climbing Mount Kinabalu, teetering at the top of the Petronas Towers, exploring some of the world's largest shopping centres or picking your way across Langkawi's skywalk (other thrill-seeking options).


- Malaysia for family holidays – taking young kids, what you need to know

Pitch deadline: 8AM Friday 2nd September.  


Create a persona for a boutique fashion brand

Pitch for this brief

A high-end shoe brand looks to you to help create a persona. We need to define the brand. 

As a fashionista you can relate to the monied young professionals who buy designer shoes to make a statement. 

You will be writing articles as the brand, cultivating an image in the process.

Contact for more information 

Business for tradies

Pitch for this brief

A company that has built an app to help tradies run their business has commissioned four articles on the following topics:

- The benefits of running your small business online (stats)

- The process customers go through to choose a tradie

- Case study - being a partner of a disorganised tradie.

- Case study – What happened when I implemented the app in my business

Pitch deadline 12PM 24/8.

 Please get in touch with for the name of the company and further details on the brief. 

Videographers required in Lithgow, Kenmore and Gateshead

Pitch for this brief

Please get in touch with for more details. 

Healthcare articles

Pitch for this brief

A major player in the healthcare industry is issuing briefs for a range of topics that will position the brand as the most trusted and recommended company in its industry.

They are commissioning articles covering:

- Caring

- Family health

- Leading a healthier lifestyle

- Managing and recovering from chronic disease

While any pitch relating to this issue is welcome, the client is also interested in articles that cater to families.

In particular, they would also be interested in articles that would appeal to new parents, primarily from conception through the first two years, but also parents with children up to the age of 7. 

Pitch deadline: Monday 22/8

Contact: for more info. 

Are you an influencer?

Pitch for this brief

Recently Newsmodo put out a brief asking for food and wine influencers to touch base with some numbers on their reach. 


We're having an increasing number of conversations with clients about the ability of our network to amplify content we create and this is an area we are looking to explore more broadly. 


If you're interested in expanding your professional opportunities by leveraging your following please respond to this brief with the following information: 


1. Number of Twitter followers/ your handle


2. Number of Instagram followers/ your handle 


3. Number of Snapchat followers/ your handle 


4. Number of Facebook followers/ your handle 


5. Monthly impressions on your blog/ URL 


6. Number of people you can reach on an email list. 


7. Any other social media channels you utilise. 


Please get in touch via with any queries. 

Work with Newsmodo

Pitch for this brief

Newsmodo is pursuing an increasing number of projects in the United States, and we're eager to start working more closely with our expanding network of American freelancers. 

If you're interested in opportunities to work with us, it would help to know a bit about you, so please take a moment to create or update your profile on our website. In addition to contact details (which will be kept private) please include the following details, where relevant:

  • areas of expertise and interest
  • professional history
  • technical expertise
  • URLs to published work if desired.

With projects in the pipeline, it would be great if you could do this as soon as possible, ideally by 11pm ET on Wednesday 17th. 

Once you do, please email one of our friendly content editors, Frederick Woodhouse, at to let him know.

Choosing the right air conditioner

Pitch for this brief

Choosing a new air conditioner isn't a decision to be taken lightly.

There are a lot of factors to consider - the size of home or office, the number of rooms, whether it's a single or multi-storey building.

As such our client, an air conditioning manufacturer, has commissioned a series of content to educate the consumer about their product. 

They have signed off on:

- 8 articles

- 2 three minute videos

- 3 infographics 

Pitch deadline: 12PM August 19


Please get in touch for more details. 




Energy: New technologies and regular contributors

Pitch for this brief

Our client is an energy provider creating a new platform intended to facilitate discussion about emerging technologies. 

What are new trends entering the market and what progress is being made with existing technologies? 

The client wants to work with five regular contributors who will write regular articles on the same topics. Bearing this in mind, please pitch with a topic you could write regularly on. 

Pitch deadline: 12PM 18 August. 


Urgent! The cricket season is almost here - help us create some enthusiasm

Pitch for this brief

Help us get people excited about an Australian pastime.

With a new season just around the corner, our client is looking to drive awareness and engagement with the club cricket at the junior and senior levels. 

We're looking for pitches that will get people interested, engaged, and excited about cricket. They can be anything cricket related so long as it promotes the sport as inclusive, fresh, modern, relevant and fun. 

Ideal pitches will help fight the perception that the sport is boring, emphasise its inclusiveness with regards to ability, gender, and ethnicity, or speak to the pathways through junior to senior club cricket.

This is an URGENT brief. Our client would like to see pitches by Monday afternoon, so the sooner you can get them in the better. We aim to begin work on the project the same day. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email Frederick at He will check his inbox intermittently over the weekend. 

Royal Melbourne Show

Pitch for this brief

We have a client associated with the Royal Melbourne Show looking for articles covering the following:

    • Food & Wine  
    • Animals
    • Entertainment 
    • Nighttime Entertainment  

Our client wants to attract the loyal show customer, but also get lapsed people excited about the event,  and inspire new waves of people to come.

Please get in touch with for more information.
Pitch deadline: 12PM 11/8 

Skincare:101 healthy skin tips

Pitch for this brief

Our cosmetics client is looking to collate 101 Healthy Skin tips from a broad cross section of collaborators; each article can have one or two key skin health tips to lead it, which are supported by some information/evidence.

They do not want to have any radical skin care tips that are not clinically proven or promote anything that could lead to a reaction (eg. Paint your skin in camel faeces) or promote a pharmacy product for an “off label” use (such as use corticosteroids to reduce bags under eyes).

Please pitch your tips to this brief by Thursday 11/8.






Event coverage in Darwin

Pitch for this brief

We're looking for a journalist to cover an awards ceremony in Darwin in early October.

Please get in touch with if you're interested.  

IT Recruitment Firm: Informative and Innovative Content

Pitch for this brief

An IT recruitment firm is seeking to position itself as a dominant player in the tech startup space. It has commissioned content to demonstrate that it has its finger on the pulse through expert analysis and informative content. 

Forms of content can include: 

  • Videos 
  • Infographics 
  • e-books 
  • White papers 

This content will further demonstrate the clients capacity to be seen as a go-to source for information, interactive content and thought-leadership pieces. 

Please get in touch with for more information. 

Pitch deadline: 6/9/2016 

Hot news and hot insights from the telco industry

Pitch for this brief

Our client is a big telco after digital content that will grab attention and showcase their acute understanding of their industry.

They are looking for articles that are topical or newsworthy, are genuinely informative, and that are also focussed on industry keywords for optimised SEO. 

Check out the content published by these players for inspiration:

- Frost & Sullivan
- Cisco
- Gartner
- Ovum

For more information about the brief, please contact Lachlan at

Pitch deadline: 9/8/2016

Businesses and SMEs: Help establish a leading insurer as a thought leader

Pitch for this brief

Our client in the insurance industry has commissioned us to generate engaging digital content with a focus on businesses and SMEs.

The content will offer general advice to businesses and SMEs, educate consumers about insurance products, offer insights into the challenges faced by small business, and provide expert advice and news about topical issues.

Insurance isn't the only theme we're looking for: We're also looking for ideas about technology trends and innovation that would interest their target audience. 

As well as articles, we are interested in ideas infographics, white papers, and videos.

If you would like to pitch, please contact Frederick at for a more detailed brief. 

Real Estate: Content about living the high-life

Pitch for this brief

We are seeking lifestyle articles that will engage and build an audience of high-income owners in the over 40 bracket, who enjoy lavish lifestyles. 

These pieces will build the profile of our client within the real estate industry, based in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs. 

The topics of the articles can relate to topics such as: 

- Tech & innovation - why business needs to support innovation 

- Asian property investment - an overview of the real numbers 

- Build or buy - what's best right now in the current climate? 

- FInance and business podcasts - growth of the medium and what's out there

- The collaboration economy - how and why businesses are turning to collaboration for big  results. 

Please contact with any queries. 

Pitch deadline: 11am 05/08/2016


Pitch for this brief

We have a client interested in commissioning microvideos. 

Please provide samples to if you're keen to work with us on this project. 


Allergy treatment [urgent deadline]: Help people with allergies weather the histamine storm

Pitch for this brief

Our client in the pharmaceutical industry is looking to help people understand their allergies better and educate them about how to treat them more effectively.

The articles they are looking for will do two things:

Firstly, they will offer the target audience tips and advice to manage and understand their allergies. This could encompass a variety of topics, from myths and truths about allergies to gardens, pets, and allergy-conscious travel. 

Secondly, they will establish the nasal spray as a viable and even superior alternative to tablets for managing allergies. 

This will require the writing to be both accessible and engaging, but also scientifically robust. 

Please note: we are hoping to get pitches for this project as soon as possible. 

If you would like to pitch to this client, please submit your pitches by 3pm today, Friday 8th July. 

For more information about this brief, please contact Frederick at

Food & Culture: Amplifying through social media

Pitch for this brief

If you have a strong social media presence, we want to hear from you!

We are seeking influencers for a project with a major player in the food industry. 

If you have a blog and/or a strong social following, this is the perfect opportunity to promote great food ideas, recipes and innovation.

To register your interest your interest or for more information about this opportunity, please contact Andrew at

Family card game + social amplification

Pitch for this brief

Do you have a blog? A Facebook page? A Twitter following?

Do you write about family-oriented topics?

If some or all of this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you. 

Our client in the children's entertainment industry would like to publish articles that promote their family-friendly card game as a great source of fun and education for kids. 

They're after organic, fun content that can be amplified across social media channels or on the author's blog. 

For more information about this opportunity, please contact Frederick at

Healthcare: tips and advice

Pitch for this brief

A major player in the healthcare industry is issuing briefs for a range of topics that will position the brand as the most trusted and recommended company in its industry.

They are commissioning articles covering:

- Caring

- Family health

- Leading a healthier lifestyle

- Managing and recovering from chronic disease

While any pitch relating to this issue is welcome, the client is also interested in articles that cater to families.

In particular, they would also be interested in articles that would appeal to new parents, primarily from conception through the first two years, but also parents with children up to the age of 7. 

Pitch deadline: 3PM Thursday 7 July.

Contact: for more information. 

Rugby union at the grassroots in NSW and support from the Waratahs

Pitch for this brief

360 rugby union clubs across New South Wales are participating in the Waratah's grassroots funding campaign. We are looking for stories about those clubs.

We are particularly interested in articles that can be accompanied by infographics, photography or video pieces.

As the funds have not yet been distributed, the articles can't be about what they have done with the money. Rather, we are looking for articles of the following kind: profiles of the club or club members; hard-luck stories; plans for the funds; how the clubs fit into the state's rugby culture; how the clubs are a part of their local communities.

This is not an exhaustive list, and we would love to get your input for more ideas and themes. 

Please note that this brief is very time-sensitive as the end of the Super 12 season is fast approaching. Please submit your briefs by Monday, July 4.

Please also refrain from contacting the Waratahs.

For a more detailed brief, please contact Editorial at

News and current affairs for SMEs

Pitch for this brief

Our client offers financial management software and is seeking pitches for blog content that highlights their SME expertise. 

Topics can cover the multitude of themes and issues that relate back to common problems faced by small businesses. 

This content will be engaging, accurate and jargon-free and will position the client as a thought-leader who has their finger on the pulse in the business landscape. The information will be conveyed through a blog that will act as a business mentor and comprehensive source of information relating to industry knowledge and news. 

The tone will be expert and informative but not be overburdened by technical language practicality is key. 

Contact Lachlan at for more information about the brief. 

Pitch deadline: 16/08

Healthcare: Advice articles

Pitch for this brief

A major player in the healthcare industry is issuing briefs for a range of topics that will position the brand as the most trusted and recommended company in its industry.

They are commissioning articles covering:

- Caring

- Family health 

- Leading a healthier lifestyle

- Managing and recovering from chronic disease

Pitch deadline: 2PM Thursday 23/6

Contact: for more information. 


NBN: Articles about residential high-speed internet wanted

Pitch for this brief

Our client is an ISP offering residential NBN packages. They are interested in drawing on the talents of journalists with a strong understanding of both the business and technology sides of high-speed internet. 

The articles will establish our client as thought-leaders in their industry and, as a consequence, help generate interest in our client's competitive products and services and help fill knowledge gaps. We're looking for a focus on the benefits high-speed internet can bring to Australian households. 

Whether it's improving movie streams, or making it easier to communicate with friends and family, or even anticipating the need for a good connection to keep pace with trends in technology, so long as the relevant is topical, interesting, and offers technological or commercial insight into residential internet use, we're interested.

If you're confident you can convey relevant news and ideas to a broad audience (read: all non-commercial medium to heavy internet users) we'd love to get your ideas for stories. 

Got an idea for an infographic? Pitch that too. 

If you're interested in the brief and would like to know more, contact Frederick at

Pitch deadline: Thursday 23rd 3pm

Innovation: Victorian firms leading the way

Pitch for this brief

We're thrilled to be working with a new client whose imprimatur is to promote Victorian business. 

They're currently focusing on highlighting the innovative triumphs of four key sectors: 

1. Biotech

2. Fintech

3. Digital ITC

4. Manufacturing technology

Our client is seeking to publicise Victoria as a great place for business to innovate and break new ground in whichever industry they operate.  

We would like to see pitches on these four topics.

These must include details of who you will speak to. (Please note: We may ask you to ghostwrite the article on this person's behalf.)

Please do not approach your contacts at this stage. Just include their title and role in the brief in the understanding you will approach them for an interview once your article has been commissioned. 

Pitch deadline: 2PM Thursday 21 July 


Home and Garden projects

Pitch for this brief

Our client is after pitches for articles that will help inspire homeowners improve their homes and gardens, or get them ready for winter. 

They want pitches for the following stories:

    • Get organised during winter
    • How to choose tools for your toolbox
    • Home improvement D.I.Y. ideas
    • I.Y. flooring for your home
    • Get your paint projects sorted
    • Get into some winter gardening
    • Winter projects around your home

Pitches are due by Wednesday 8th at 4pm. For the full brief, please contact Frederick at 

Small Businesses: News

Pitch for this brief

We have a client in the financial industry who have submitted a brief for articles about EOFY. The content in the articles will demonstrate that our client has their finger on the pulse in regards to the business landscape and practices.

They will also establish the organisation as a single source for news and current affairs. The EOFY is an essential theme in this brief and must be the focal point of any pitches submitted. 

The primary purpose of this content is for publication via their blog which will be positioned as a comprehensive business mentor and source of unique industry knowledge. Topics to cover include business news; technology; finance; innovation and other content that would be relevant to the audience.

Please contact Lachlan at for more information about the brief.

The deadline for pitches is this Monday 6/6/2016.

Skincare: The importance of a regimen

Pitch for this brief

The client is after articles that address skin concerns, wrinkles, age spots and position a product as the solution.


Content should be linked to seasonal insights when possible to demonstrate the clients understanding of its audience. 


In particular, the client wants to dismiss the notions surrounding relevance, superiority, and believability. 


Relevance: The notion that the brand is not perceived as a trendsetter and how consumers should be using the latest and most innovative products. 


Superiority: Educating the audience about how their products are higher quality compared to other brands with a more premium feel to them. 


Believability: Dispelling the notion that consumers don't trust skincare products and require more proof and information in their sales decision. 


Deadline: June 1st - 2pm


The tone will be a positive and trusting voice that's inspirational and yet approachable to the reader. 


For more information about the brief, contact Andrew at 

Women's sporting team: Video journalist required

Pitch for this brief

We are looking for a video journalist to shoot, edit, voice and deliver a 'news style' video package on a women's sporting team in Sydney on June 5.


The story would follow a family as they prepare for a game, the game itself with interviews at the conclusion.




The package will need to be turned around the following day.




Pitch deadline: June 1 2016




For more information about the brief, contact us at 

Loan industry: news and advice for brokers.

Pitch for this brief

Our client in the mortgage industry is looking to provide empowering content for small loan brokers that will help them grow their business in a competitive industry. 

In particular, our client would like to demonstrate the important competitive advantages that being a member of a mortgage aggregator can confer. 

We're after pitches for articles as well as more resource-intensive content, such as tools or interactive forms and templates, slide presentations and so on. 

The client would like material that covers finance sector news and updates; business nous; client management and sales skills; marketing and social media advice and potentially webinars. 

For more information about the brief, contact Frederick at 

Multimedia series: Asian Agricultural Boom

Pitch for this brief

A client is commissioning a multimedia series on the Asian agricultural boom. 

The series will incorporate things like animation, video, GIFs, infographics, photos and similar. We are open to a range of ideas. 

It should cover the affects the boom will have on Asian exporters, Australian industry, consumers, and the environment. 

Please get in touch with if you have any questions. 

Pitch deadline: 1PM May 20

Series deadline: TBC

Food trucks

Pitch for this brief

Our client is an on-trend FinTech company offering investment services. They want to promote their insightful, relevant expertise by commissioning stories about new economies and, in particular, the "underground economy of food trucks". 

They know their audience intimately and help them build and manage personalised investment portfolios. 

They stand out from competitors by delivering their services through cutting-edge digital technology, and through their intuitive grasp of the values and culture of young professionals in the process of building up their wealth.

Their clients may not yet count themselves as being part of Australia's wealthiest class, but they have the means to get there. They love travelling to exotic places, drinking boutique beers, entertaining, exploring the newest restaurants and pop-ups, and, most importantly, are beginning to think seriously about their future. 

They are after on-brand, on-trend content that will explore unique and interesting angles of the Australian and global economies. They specifically want articles on “The underground economy of Food carts” but other angles would be considered. 

For a full overview of the topics the client would be interested in, email Lachlan at 

School enrolment: Seeking advice and insight for parents about to begin the process.

Pitch for this brief

We are looking to produce informative, insightful content for our client who offers a service for parents seeking to enrol their child in a private school. They bill themselves as an "impartial third party" who guide parents through the research and enrolment process.

By taking the stress out of a difficult process for busy, caring parents, our client has developed a reputation for both expertise and trustworthiness. It aims to build on this reputation by publishing useful and inspiring content for parents researching private education options. 

The content will cover factual information about the enrolment process, insight into the decision process, and will offer advice and encouragement for parents deeply interested in their child's growth and well-being. The tone will instil a sense of trust, being both authoritative and knowledgeable, but also warm and encouraging. 

For more information about the topics our client would like to cover, email Lachlan at

Payment technology innovation: take part in an important industry discussion

Pitch for this brief

Our client is an innovative force in the payments industry and is seeking to firm up their reputation as a thought leader in the sector. 

They will be publishing articles on their blog that demonstrate their expertise, and which begin important industry discussions. They are interested in fresh angles, and would like to avoid topics that have already been discussed in great detail. 

The articles will place an emphasis on cutting edge technology and innovation, particularly in regards to e-commerce. Analysis of the industry, the future of payment technology, and the benefits of this technology for customers and business owners will be key. 

For more information about the topics out client would like covered, please contact

News and tips for small businesses

Pitch for this brief

Our client who offers financial and management software for small businesses is after articles that will showcase their wide-ranging expertise.

The articles will demonstrate to small business owners that our client has their finger on the pulse of the business landscape. They intend to establish their blog as the best, single source for news and current affairs that will interest small business owners who often don’t have the time to trawl through multiple publications.

The aim is to secure the loyalty of SME owners by offering engaging, accurate and jargon-free information that will help their business. They intend their blog to act as a kind of business mentor, and the best, most comprehensive source of industry knowledge and news.

Topics they want to cover includes business news; technology; finance/banking; innovation and anything related. The tone will be expert and informative, but not overburdened by technical language; practicality is key.

Please contact Lachlan at for more information about the brief.

The deadline for pitches is this Monday.

Paging cyber crime experts: at-risk SMEs need assistance

Pitch for this brief

Our client in the insurance industry is looking for articles that will highlight the need for SMEs to have strong cybersecurity.

By offering insightful and detailed articles about the full range of cybersecurity issues, including threats, trends, and the steps businesses can take to protect themselves, our client seeks to position itself as a trusted expert on all things related to IT security.

They aim to be the first port of call for insurance brokers seeking new products, and a trusted ally to small and medium business owners. 

The articles will be authoritative and well researched, but also contain wit, warmth, and optimism, and have an overall positive tone. 

The articles should cover the following topics:

  • It’s not just big businesses who face cyber risks.
  • Small business cyber risk mitigation tips.
  • Things to consider about cyber risks.
  • Common incidents/claims.
  • Case studies.
  • Trends in cyber threats.

If you are able to offer insight into this important issue that can confuse those who aren't computer literate, please contact for more information about the brief.

The deadline for pitches is this Friday. 

Caravanning adventures #3: Caravanning the coast

Pitch for this brief

We are commissioning a feature article about a caravan or campervan holiday (of around two weeks duration or slightly more) through a coastal region of Australia – can be any state - with a focus on sealed-road travel.

The article would look at which route/destination was chosen and why, purchase of the camper trailer (optional, but recommended), caravan parks used on route, attractions on route, etc.

The article will be approx. 1000 words and have a good selection of supporting high-res images. First person perspective is preferred, but third person considered.

Tone and structure of the article needs to speak to a moderate to highly knowledgeable audience. This means content should be more of a detailed guide and inspiration to already-established enthusiast travellers, rather than a less-detailed “lifestyle” piece.

Details on specific products and items purchased for and used on the journey are required (eg. camping gear, tow equipment, tyres, travel fridges, vehicle/caravan upgrades, etc. – not general items like food, gas bottles, crockery, bedding, etc.). Include brand names, models/variants, purchase price, etc. on relevant items.

Content should cover:

    • What caravan was purchased and why (make/model/year, and why it was chosen).
    • How much was spent.
    • How and where the caravan was purchased (dealer, private sale, caravan/outdoors show etc.).
    • What other makes and models were considered.
    • What was the tow vehicle.
    • The route and destination for the journey.
    • Time of year the trip took place.
    • What accessories and upgrades were added to the caravan for the trip (detail specific products added, what they cost and why they were included).
    • Budget set for the trip and did you stick to it (explain why/why not).
    • How did the caravan perform on the journey and what were its good/bad points
    • Highlight of the trip and would you travel to the same area again (explain why/why not).
    • Top 5 tips for caravanning on the coast.


Pitch deadline: 04/05/2016

Caravanning adventures #2: Caravanning off road and in rough terrain

Pitch for this brief

Caravanning off road across rough terrain is a holiday with a difference and well worth it when you do it right. We are commissioning an article about a caravan or camper trailer holiday of about two weeks duration through a remote area of Australia with a focus on off-road travel (ie. on non-sealed roads).

The article would look at which route/destination was chosen and why, purchase of the camper trailer (optional, but recommended), available campsites on route, attractions on route, etc.

The article will be approx. 1000 words and have a good selection of supporting high-res images. First person perspective is preferred, but third person considered.

Tone and structure of the article needs to speak to a moderate to highly knowledgeable audience. This means content should be more of a detailed guide and inspiration to already-established enthusiast travellers, rather than a less-detailed “lifestyle” piece.

Details on specific products and items purchased for and used on the journey are required (eg. camping gear, tow equipment, tyres, travel fridges, vehicle/caravan upgrades, etc. – not general items like food, gas bottles, crockery, bedding, etc.). Include brand names, models/variants, purchase price, etc. on relevant items.Content should cover:

Content should cover:

    • What caravan/camper trailer was purchased and why (make/model/year, and why it was chosen).
    • How much was spent.
    • How and where the caravan was purchased (dealer, private sale, etc.).
    • What other makes and models were considered.
    • What was the tow vehicle (make/model/year).
    • The destination and route for the trip.
    • Time of year the trip took place.
    • What accessories and upgrades needed to be added to the caravan/camper trailer for the trip (detail specific products added and why they were included).
    • Was a budget set for the trip and did you stick to it (explain why/why not).
    • How did the camper trailer perform on the journey and what good and bad points were found.
    • Surprises and/or problems encountered on the journey.
    • Highlight of the trip and would you travel to the same area again (explain why/why not)
    • Top 5 tips for caravanning off road.


Pitch deadline: 04/05/2016

Caravanning adventures #1: Caravanning on a budget

Pitch for this brief

We are commissioning an article that will serve as a guide on 'how to have a caravan/campervan/RV holiday (of at least two weeks duration) on a budget'. 

The article would look at the purchase of the caravan (optional, but recommended), how to find the best deal on a caravan, setting a budget for the trip, how to save money on the road, low-cost campsite options, etc.

The article will be approx. 1000 words and have a good selection of supporting high-res images. First person perspective is preferred, but third person considered.

Tone and structure of the article needs to speak to a moderate to highly knowledgeable audience. This means content should be more of a detailed guide and inspiration to already-established enthusiast travellers, rather than a less-detailed “lifestyle” piece.

Details on specific products and items purchased for and used on the journey are required (eg. camping gear, tow equipment, tyres, travel fridges, vehicle/caravan upgrades, etc. – not general items like food, gas bottles, crockery, bedding, etc.). Include brand names, models/variants, purchase price, etc. on relevant items.

Content should cover:

    • What caravan/camper trailer/RV was purchased and why (make/model/year, and why it was selected over others).
    • Purchase price. Include any extras either added at purchase time or acquired after.
    • How and where the caravan was purchased (dealer, private sale, at a caravan show, etc.).
    • What other makes and models were considered.
    • What was the tow vehicle (for a caravan/camper/trailer) or base vehicle (for an RV).
    • The route and destination for the holiday.
    • Time of year the holiday took place and why that time was chosen (eg. off season to save money).
    • What was the budget set for the holiday and did you stick to it (explain why/why not).
    • How did you save money on the road (free campsites, bringing/cooking own meals, combined with seasonal work, etc.).
    • How did the caravan/camper trailer/RV perform on the trip – describe any areas where it impressed or disappointed.
    • What was the highlight of the trip.
    • Would you do this particular trip again with this particular vehicle (explain why/why not).
    • Top 5 tips for caravanning on a budget.


Pitch deadline: 04/05/2016

Risk Services: Educating a growing consumer base

Pitch for this brief

A client in the Risk Services industry has issued a brief for multiple articles intended to educate their customer database on their full product range, all available benefits and how valuable a business partner they are. 

 The brand is looking to increase member loyalty and sentiment towards itself and generate content that is relevant to the customer. 

The main focus of these pieces is to offer education on member services on offer and increase the take rate on CRS-products. 

 Contact: for more information. 

 The target audience is the membership database with a secondary focus on staff, suppliers and prospective members thinking of signing up. 

 Topics that we would like covered include: 

 - Key product categories. 

 - Protection tips. 

 - Member success stories. 

 - How to make the most of your membership. 

 - Successful cooperatives around the world. 

Hockey: Encouraging grassroots participation

Pitch for this brief

We are helping a client build awareness of National Hockey Week, which runs from 28 May to 5 June. 

The purpose of the campaign is to promote hockey as a destination sport at the grassroots level. 


There are two audiences we are targeting to that end:

1. Senior hockey players (aged 35 -55). We'd love to see case studies of players who have returned to the sport in middle age despite not playing since school.

2. Young hockey players (aged 13-19). We need to connect with this audience by promoting hockey as a fun sport to play with friends. Again, we are after case studies. 

We also want to publicise 'Hockey Heroes'. These are club volunteers who have made extraordinary sacrifices to help the sport they love. An example is performing emergency CPR during a match. These stories would run as profile pieces. 

This brief isn't restricted solely to written articles; please feel free to pitch videos, photography and infographics. too. 

Pitch deadline: 1PM April 29








Rio 2016 Olympics: Sports specialists required

Pitch for this brief

For the Rio Olympics in August, Newsmodo will be providing content to brands and publishers. If you have a background in sports journalism (including photography) and are keen to contribute please pitch to this brief. 

We're looking to work with journalists who will be in Rio to file match reports, feature articles and do live coverage of games. 

There will be also be opportunities to do minute-by-minute reports, daily round-ups and more for some of Australia's biggest and most respected publications and brands. 

If you don't have sporting experience, we'd still be interested in any stories that might be uncovered before and during the games. Reach out and let us know what you can contribute. 

Please register your interest by contacting direct or pitching to the brief with the details of your experience and your availability in the month leading up to and during the 2016 Olympic Games.

*IMPORTANT* please ensure your Newsmodo profile is up-to-date. Login here.

Travel writers: Far North Queensland

Pitch for this brief

We are looking to identify travel writers on our network based in Far North Queensland. 

Please email if this is you. 


Tech writers: Sydney

Pitch for this brief

We are looking for tech writers based in Sydney to work on an ongoing project. 

They would need to be available to attend a product session on April 27. 

There's no need to pitch anything, just contact if you fit the bill. 

Digital Marketing: .film domain names

Pitch for this brief

We have received a brief from a company in the digital marketing industry who are is seeking articles relating to the .film domain registry.

These articles are targeted at producers and distributors in the film industry and are designed to inform them of the numerous benefits associated with .film domain names. 

These benefits include: 

 - Exclusivity - (you must be in the film industry to obtain one).

- Establishing authority

 - Improved SEO results   

- Have the first choice in domain names - be the first hit in a search engine. 

 - Have a shorter, more memorable domain name. 

 - Increased marketing appeal to potential buyers. 

Pitches should revolve around the benefits of .film.

Our client wants people to know that .film is a restricted space, meaning you must be in the film industry to buy one. A restricted namespace has many benefits including getting your first choice in domain names, no cybersquatting, exclusivity, and authoritative content with the general public.

They also want to cover SEO benefits of .film and, if commissioned, can put you in touch with members who have already made the switch and are seeing the search benefit.

‘How to’ articles are good. For example, how to strengthen your brand with a .film name

Contact: for more information. 

Pitch deadline: 4/5/2016

International finance: Multimedia series

Pitch for this brief

We are a bank commissioning an exciting multimedia series on a financial or business issue relevant  to the Asia Pacific region. 

The series will cover an important issue. An example of a topic is changes to Asian agricultural tarrifs and how this issue will affect Australia and the broader region.


This brief is very broad in scope though so don't be afraid to get creative!

In your pitch please suggest ways in the topic could be brought to life visually. The options here are endless; think infographics, videos, cinemagraphs, photo essays and much more.


Pitch deadline: 22/4/2016

Food: The Casual Dining Experience

Pitch for this brief

A major player in the fast-food industry has issued a brief for articles that distinguish the fast casual dining experience. 

The client wants to take the relatively unknown concept of 'the fast food casual dining experience' and position themselves as thought leaders. 

The target audience is: 

- Young and trendy 

- Social diners 

- Enjoy the opportunity to eat healthy with the addition of convenience. 

- Prefer the ideal setting for catching up during / after work or after another activity (gym, movies, shopping) 

Please contact for more information. 

The core message for pitches should be to promote the fast-food dining experience and how our client is leading the way in this regard. 

Health: Skincare cream

Pitch for this brief

Our client is a renowned vitamin supplement company that has commissioned articles to educate its customer database. 

The campaign messaging will revolve around the benefits of anti-aging cream and aim to convince the customer their produce is the best on the market. 

Skin benefitting activities include: 

- Protection against oxidative and photo-damage. 

- Skin lightening and even skin complexion. 

- Anti-aging overall, protection and wellbeing.

- Added dietary supplement provides a natural and unique way to maintain beautiful, healthy, radiant and younger appearance from within. 

The objective of these pieces is to sell the idea that both the supplement and cream are an essential purchase combination. 

The target audience for these pieces area: 

1. Pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, departments store buyers and department store beauty counters. 

2. The Asian female wanting to 'strengthen' her skin. 

3. The general aging woman wanting the best skin care options available. 

4. The Jewish business community (research company angle).

5. The general health / wellbeing / beauty category. 

We are looking for individual pitches that caters to each target audience and their core values. 

Please contact for more information. 

Finance: Tips

Pitch for this brief

Our client is a major brand in the superannuation sector and has commissioned a number of articles that will educate and enhance their customer's level of understanding on finance topics. 

 The blue collar industry is the key demographic for these articles. they prefer a simple approach to managing their finances and are put off by technology and complex jargon. 


Retirees and those about to enter retirement are the target audience for these. They should emphasise on the link between healthy finances and peace of mind for those who have had trouble managing their money in the past. 


Please contact the editor for brand guidelines and further detail: 




Our client wants to provide newsworthy and topical articles relevant to their clients on the following subjects: 


- Tips and advice on starting your own small business. 


- How to earn money with your trade overseas. 


- Topical news articles affecting their members. 


- General finance hacks (please steer clear of advice pertaining to super) 


Deadline: This is an urgent brief. 

CX marketing: The future of marketing is data driven

Pitch for this brief

Our client is a major player in the customer experience (CX) marketing industry is keen to educate its consumer base in the benefits for data-driven marketing.

Articles should address how data-driven analytics is the future of marketing thanks to technology upgrades and intelligent marketers adapting as a result.

The primary audience for these articles is CMOs/CXOs and marketing directors in mid-market or enterprise organisations. They are the decision makers driving the direction of their marketing budget. 

Marketing automation is fast becoming a critical factor in campaign strategy and how brands interact with their customer base.

Millennials are a prime example with their swift take-up of mobile technology and social media applications.

Data can mine these areas for essential information that will allow companies to make better-informed decisions about how they can help their customers.

Here are the three main points they would like to draw out:

1. The future of marketing is data driven
2. Marketing technology is changing, as is the role of the data-driven marketer
3. Marketing automation is the future of advertising to future generations

The brand has a cheeky professional personality – serious about business, joyful and humorous in how we go about it.

Our client has commissioned ten articles, which need to be filed by April 22.

Pitch deadline: 10AM Friday 15/4.

Contact the editor for brand guidelines and further detail:


With millennials thirsting for information and content, data-marketing is homing in on the pressure points for this demographic.

It underlines the importance in understanding CX marketing, what the future holds for the industry and how consumers can obtain a better understanding of it.

Finance: Tips for accumulators

Pitch for this brief

We are a super firm keen help to our members generate wealth and are commissioning articles on the following topics. 

    • Pride in the industry – top earners (which means investment opportunities, future financial security), small business opportunities, respect in the  trade, overseas travel opportunities
    • Current events in the financial sector
    • Hacks – quick ‘tricks’ to get more money in your super account; spousal contributions, roll-ins, compound interest, voluntary contributions, minimising fees, income streams.
    • Balance/Mental Health – “all the money in the world is of little use if you’re not happy”


Our audience is primarily accumulators, that is couples aged 35 to 55. 

 Pitch deadline: 12PM Tuesday 12 April


Film industry: Domain names

Pitch for this brief

Our client sells the .film domain name to that industry and has commissioned 15 articles intended to demonstrate the advantages of buying a .film domain. 

The primary audience is producers and distributors in the film industry. 

Please contact Lachlan for more information. 


Pitch deadline: 12PM April 11.

Digital marketing: Hints and tips

Pitch for this brief

We are Hong Kong based digital marketing experts commissioning thought leadership pieces on the following topics: 

1. Why is digital so important in marketing? 

2. How to determine the best social media strategies and tactics for the Asia Pacific and Greater China

3. How to integrate social channel strategy with other/traditional marketing channels

4. What can marketers do to get around ad-blocking?

5. How can digital marketing and social media engagement drive sales?

6. How personalised digital marketing can hep build brands.


The same client is also commissioning three articles on e-commerce. 

1.   Good and bad examples of overseas brands attempting to enter the Chinese e-Commerce industry


2. How can the e-Commerce industry overcome strong censorship in China?

3. The differences between the e-Commerce eco-system, culture and practice in the West and Australia.

Pitch deadline: 11/4/2016




Health Supplements: Advertorial for supplements company

Pitch for this brief

A client is commissioning articles intended to boost their SEO and educate potential and existing customers on the benefits of their products. 

Please contact Lachlan for more information and detail on what you should be pitching. 

Pitch deadline: 10AM 31/3/2016



Health: All about sugar

Pitch for this brief

A sugar industry body is looking to bust some myths around sugar (without being too controversial!) 

Here are some topics they would like covered: 

- Achieving a healthy balanced diet can include some sugar

- Elimination of one food group is too simplistic

- Food and nutrition trends over history

- What do the different terms about sugar mean? Is there consensus?

- Fructose

- Is sugar bad for my heart?

-  Misperceptions of ‘sugar-free’ food labelling. These foods are not necessarily healthier

- Natural vs added sugars, are they all the same?

- Consumption trends, obesity trends

- Diabetes or dental

- Strongly anti-sugar or quitting sugar

The articles will require expert interviews with accredited nutritionists, accredited practising dietitians, GP’s or those employed in academia demonstrating a balanced viewpoint on the topic.


Pitch deadline: 3PM 22/3/2016

Human interest: Stories with a strong emotional hook

Pitch for this brief

A magazine with a rich history of reporting on stories that matter to women is commissioning emotionally driven human interest stories for women aged 25-45.

The monthly magazine considers itself an agenda setter on what matters most to women. 

With a readership just shy of 2 million, the magazine speaks to Australian women (and men) through long-form journalism centering on one or more case studies.

Their shortest pieces are around 800 words.

Their focus is not limited to one area, they deliver a unique combination of stories from entertainment and celebrity to health, craft and food. 

However, the stories they will commission will have an emotional hook and make the reader feel something. 

An example of this is a woman who struggled for years to have a baby finally met and fell in love with her sperm donor - 8 months into her pregnancy.

Typically human interest stories for this audience fall into a few categories that are not dissimilar to 'Real Life' stories - Miracle pregnancies, crime etc. 

The difference is this magazine does not shy away from controversial or 'tough' topics

Pitch deadline: 21/03/2016


Finance for SMEs: Topical news articles

Pitch for this brief

As a company assisting SMEs manage their finances we are commissioning a series of awesome articles based on upcoming events. 

To wit:

- EOFY for SMEs

- SuperStream

- Federal budget

- Topical material around payroll. 

We mainly publish news articles, distilled into easily digestible information for our audience of small business owners.

Each article must contain unique and newsworthy content and interviews are a must. 

Deadline for pitches: 10AM April 12.


Hard News and Features: Daily news site interested in consumer affairs

Pitch for this brief

A growing daily news site is looking for people to tell great and compelling stories.

Features that can lead the daily offerings of a major news site will be well received. We fit the traditional tabloid mould - smart, but populist

We find our readers are interested in consumer affairs - particularly relating to airlines, supermarkets, entertainment (Netflix, Stan etc.) and tech companies. What information is being leaked about the latest gadget or smartphone? 

Our readers also have a soft spot for politics, entertainment, personal finance and hard news.

We'll only commission original content. We compete with a number of news websites and find exclusive stories draw new readers. We try to stay a day ahead of the news and encourage journalists pitching to this brief to consider how their story might add value to our publication. What information do you have that we don't?

Our publication speaks to everyday Australians, casual news consumers, workers who care about the world around them.

Your feature pieces can run the gamut from hard news to a more discursive approach to an issue that matters to people.

Strong visual storytelling is encouraged, pictures will never go astray.

But keep in mind; why am I telling this story, why does it matter?

If you think there’s a yarn to tell, and you’re the one to do it, look here.


Deadline: 15/02/2016

Videographer in Sydney: Three panel events

Pitch for this brief

We require two camera operators to capture three-panel events in Sydney in May, June, and July for half day shoots. Only raw footage is required with high quality audio of the panel speakers.

Please contact with your half day quote ASAP. 

Videography in Cannes: Freelancer required in June

Pitch for this brief

Our client is looking for freelancers to shoot an event in Cannes in late June.
Specifically, we require a videographer and editor to capture interviews and quickly distill them into several 2-3 minute edited videos. 
This will be approximately a twelve hour day with content edited for next day delivery.
It's crucial the freelancer has excellent English speaking and is able to fit into the team effortlessly.
Please contact with a quote and a little information abut yourself. 

Photo series: Human interest and human stories as told through images

Pitch for this brief

Australia’s most read news site is looking for someone to tell a strong human interest story, through photos.

We report on everything from entertainment to economics. 

We’re looking for something that hasn’t been said before, that will grab the attention of a reader (and a news editor!)

A photo story about something that’ll interest a national audience is in order. Something that can step through the background noise to really resonate with readers.

The images could be found / sourced or your own, we simply want something that can tell a tale through a powerful visual medium. Note: Your photos must be originally sourced, and must not breach copyright.

Your story might come from far afield - of exotic or unseen locales - or a side of Australia less seen or understood.

You could look at the struggles of rural centres, the ever-present realities of drought and flooding rain, the great distances of travel or rooted to a spot, the changing face of a space in our cities through the day. You could look outside Australia, to tell our audience of the stories they seldom see or hear or know. 

Before you pitch, consider the newsworthiness of your story. Why am I telling this story now?

We generally commission 5-10 images + 500-700 words.

If you’re a photographer, or simply know how to tell a good yarn through pictures with words, this is your chance.

Deadline 01/02


Real Life: Crime, love - those who have found love after crime

Pitch for this brief

Our publication wants to tell the stories of survivors of crime, who’ve lived beyond their ordeal, who’ve found love.

Our publication speaks to family-oriented women from middle-Australia, people to whom a story of love and crime can speak loudly.

The stories should show a resolution - tell the story in forethought, from where they’ve been to where they are.

Writers could look in retrospect at crimes that gripped national attention, at areas and communities that suffer the travails of crime - to those who’ve moved beyond crimes of the past to find love.

These stories are best communicated through a tandem of both word and image. Strong visual storytelling - through pictures and videos - is encouraged.


Deadline: Ongoing 


Real Life: Horror, Extraordinary, Marathon Births

Pitch for this brief

Our publication wants to tell the story of a mother whose labour was hell. Someone who can tell the tale of a marathon birth.

Writers will find themselves in one of Australia’s most popular women’s publications.

The story needs to speak to an audience of family mum’s, people who can empathise with just such a story.

Maybe you know someone, maybe it’s yourself. Keep an ear close to the ground and an eye out. You should tell the story through the trials and tribulations, the happy mums, the joy of the baby.

Pictures would not go astray, something big, preferably evidence of the length of the labour, the horror - but also the joy.

Deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Crime, Punishment, true stories

Pitch for this brief

We want someone who can tell a tale of crime, missing women, a life struck hard by crime - but with positive resolution. Of strength and tenacity and endurance in face of the odds.

Our publication typically runs stories about women’s lives in the face of crime, we need something that speaks to women from middle Australia.

Writers will find themselves published in Australia’s most read women’s publications - telling a story people want to hear.

The story might be a case study on women killers, or of a mother taken too soon. It might tell the story of someone who’s recovered from a life of crime or drugs, to be a productive member of society.

These stories can run the gambit from true-crime to features on the life of someone who’s come through a great trial or suffering. It might be someone noteworthy, or your everyday lady.

Writers could look to coronial inquests, follow a case through the courts or look to the final judgements, community publications, those recognised for their tenacity by the community. Maybe someone you know fits the bill. 

Delve into the archives, are there old stories that warrant exploration or new investigations?

These stories would best be supported by strong visual content - pictures that speak loudly of suffering or tenacity.

Deadline: Ongoing 


Family stories: Large or Unusual families who live extraordinarily

Pitch for this brief

Typically families are thought of in the nuclear variety, two parents, two kids. However, our publication is looking to feature a more extraordinary family.

We are looking for someone who can tell the story of a family who walk a different path. We’d be interested in big families, perhaps several generations and loads of kids under one roof or a family visited by consistent generations of twins.

Tell us the story of an unusual family living in your area - what makes them work, show us the trials and triumphs of those who live large, in strange ways.

Please include sample photos need to show the family, its scale and scope - they need to be people-oriented, to speak to the human face behind the story. Colour and vibrancy are encouraged, image quality should be maximised.

Our publication speaks to family women mainly aged 35 and up. They are middle Australian - have kids and a spouse. 

Deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Strange, Supernatural spirits and the unexplained or inexplicable things in life

Pitch for this brief

We are looking to tell the real story of those who have had a brush with the supernatural. This would require a case study feature of those who live a life close to the inexplicable.

Scary stories have gripped the imagination for almost as long as human history. Ghosts, ghouls, the unexplained - still the supernatural persists in the popular imagination and the urban experience.

The story might be a look at a psychic, who can commune with spirits; paranormal investigators; exorcists and spiritual cleansers; graveyards increasingly being caught up in the bounds of ever-expanding cities or homes haunted by a spiritual visitor.

Writers might look to online resources, where devotees of the supernatural congregate. We look to cover Australian stories of the supernatural, although spiritual experiences from around the world may speak loudly.

The angle might be the story behind the haunting, or a family’s tenacity in the face of the unexplained.

Please note: these stories must be convincing. They have to tell the tales of those who truly believe in the spiritual. They need to speak to our audience of women, aged 35-45 from middle-Australia backgrounds - people for whom family, or a family troubled by spirits resonates.

Photographs of the haunting, or strong visual content showing the supernatural elements of the story, are strongly encouraged.

Deadline: Ongoing


Online publication: Australian real-life and celebrity stories

Pitch for this brief

We are a leading women's publication with a budget for great online content that will attract new readers. 

Specifically, we'd like to extend our coverage of local real-life and Australian celebrity stories. 

The first thing we look for in a great story is the hook - does it grab our attention? If it grips us - it will grip our readers.

A common theme in articles we commission is 'overcoming adversity' - Something terrible happened to me, but now I'm great.

Our focus is usually on family, so including partners, kids, grandkids, brothers, sisters etc. in the story is important. 

Local real life stories might include:

1. Crime and someone's recovery from said crime. (convictions should be in place)

2. Ordinary people caught in unlikely situations and overcoming the odds (medical, pregnancy, family, job etc.)

3. Weight-loss stories (30kilos+). (with these a second story-line really helps - eg. a wedding, unique/unusual style of weight loss etc.)

4. Miraculous birth and conception stories (eg. "I was told I'd never be able to have children, but now look at my miracle child")

5. Life on the land: Our rural readership is large, so inspiring stories from rural communities are well-loved. 

As far as local Australian celebrity stories go, we are not only looking for sightings and photos - we are also keen to hear about how Australia and the world is reacting to Australian celebrities. These stories fuel our "gossip" pages. 

We take a particular interest in timely stories centering on upcoming events.  

We like to inform, entertain, enlighten and engage our audience with remarkable stories that almost have to be seen to be believed. Our regular readers are 30-45-year-old mums in a relationship who are not working full-time.

Please include photos of any case studies. If you have questions about this, please contact the editor below. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Travel: Motorcycle travel adventures and custom fit-outs

Pitch for this brief

We are a motorcycle trade publication wanting to inspire and give guidance to readers interested in travelling Australia and the world on two wheels, particularly if those wheels are customised. 

Our target audience is experienced motorcyclists and also potential new owners looking to buy a new bike or parts.

We are looking for features on motorcycle travel, particularly if the bike used has a custom fit out.

Generally features run between 700 to 1000 words. 

We want to know what gear was needed for the trip and what parts were added to customise the bike. Where these modifications route specific? How did these changes fare? How long did it take to customise the bike?

We want to know the length of the trip and the kind of terrain covered. 

If you haven't done a trip personally, perhaps you know someone who has? Track down an enthusiast and ask them about their latest adventure.  

Think of Che Guevara’s famous journey through South America, or Hunter S. Thompson’s tumultuous stint with the Hell’s Angels. 

High res photos are mandatory - please include them with your pitch. If you have questions about images, please reach out to the contact below. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


New features: Australians Abroad

Pitch for this brief

An Australian aid worker in Syria is missing home after 'nearly being killed', it has been reported. Our publication is interested in learning more about Australian's abroad and the stories they have to share.

We've previously told stories about Australian's serving jail terms or facing the courts in foreign countries. We've also covered fraud, insurance, business, and human interest. 

If you have a remarkable story about an Australian living or traveling abroad, pitch it here. 



Pitch deadline: ongoing. 

News features: Hyper local news-stories relevant to the nation

Pitch for this brief

We're Australia's most read news site and to maintain this we commission great reads from freelancers that get people talking. 

We look for stories that are off-the-beaten track, stories that will grab the attention of a middle Australian audience. 

Our large staff of journalists work hard to produce entertaining, interesting and engaging content - but they are based in Sydney and can often find it difficult to source hyper-local news stories that are relevant to the nation.

Stories you pitch will need to offer a new perspective, insight or exclusivity. Our aim is engagement, we want people to share and comment on our stories, which is why we love issues-based features and stories that will generally inspire awe, intrigue and controversy.

Speaking with a national voice, we report across multiple verticals: entertainment, travel, lifestyle, sport, business, technology, money and real estate. But, we balance this by also reporting on global events - from pop culture to politics.

If a story calls for humor or a tongue in cheek style then please pitch it with that tone in mind. 

A good story lends itself to a strong hook and headline. When you are writing your pitch ask yourself, 'did I write the best hook for this story?' 'Will a busy editor stop to read my pitch because the headline is strong?'

Images: We often require images to be sourced by the journalist, but sometimes we are able to provide images of our own. If you have them, please include them with your pitch.

Here are some topics that have been commissioned previously:

1. Frozen in time - WWII Ghost Town in France - Deserted since June 10, 1944, this French village has all the buildings but none of the people. 

2. High-Speed Rail - Australia the little engine that can't Why after millions have been spent on research Australia still isn't moving towards high-speed rail. 

3. Australian woman jailed in Peru for 14 years - An Australian drug smuggler shares her story from a Peruvian prison.

4. Creative commune - The creepy mansion where ideas are born The remarkable secluded estate, where Truman Capote and Sylvia Plath cut their teeth. 

5. Living perched on the edge of a volcano As a volcano in Ecuador was set to blow, we spoke to the local community about living near this pressure cooker. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real life: Unlikely love stories for Valentine's Day

Pitch for this brief

Our magazine will be sharing unlikely love and relationship stories this Valentine's Day, but right now we don't have enough stories.

We want to grab the readers attention right away with a great hooky headline. 

It's important to us that case studies have an out-of-the-ordinary or seemingly unbelievable story to tell.

We are also open to hearing about people's bad experiences with Valentine's Day, but we prefer and hope the story has an uplifting ending.

We won't be commissioning any simple 'I found the person of my dreams' stories where people simply met on Valentine's Day - there needs to be a great hook or twist.

Case studies usually supply images for commissioned stories.   

Our primary audience is women in a relationship, aged 25-45. They usually have children and could be classed as broad, middle Australian. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Annual events requiring feature coverage

Pitch for this brief

We are planning our February, March, and April issues. For each issue, we commission three real life stories, which is why we need your help.

We are commissioning stories for Valentine's Day, Australia Day and Easter. 

We look for stories centering on everyday people (usually Australian) who are caught up in or have come out on the other side of incredible circumstances. 

These are stories that will grab the attention of a middle Australian, mostly female audience. They will be inspiring, shocking, unbelievable and remarkably entertaining reads.

For instance, perhaps there's an unreported story about the incredible lengths an individual has gone to for love on Valentine's Day. 

Or, a heartwarming story about a family reuniting for Australia Day after tragic circumstances held them apart. 

These are merely suggestions, there are plenty more real life stories to be told around these events. What is important is that the stories have a strong hook and have not been covered.

Pitch deadline: Ongoing




Home and Garden: Featuring contemporary architecture and landscaping

Pitch for this brief

As one of Australia's premier home and garden magazines, we present contemporary living to our readers by profiling the best homes and gardens across the nation. 

Currently we are showcasing homes and landscaped gardens located in Australia's central and western states and territories.

Our internal editorial team have the east coast well covered. 

We'll be commissioning stories now up until June. 

It is important to us that the homes and gardens we feature are remarkable and offer something different, unusual or interesting. We will not commission stories about homes and gardens that have been featured in other magazines.

Our magazine focuses on contemporary Australian living. We offer our audience of 30+ middle to upper Australian home owners the best examples of architecture, design, decorating, gardening, entertaining and lifestyle products.

If you know of a home or garden you think we should feature, please pitch to this brief. 

It is essential we see images of the garden before we commission a story - but this should not stop you pitching. If possible, please include low res overview shots of the home and garden, detail shots and a photo of the link between the garden and home. These can be shot with your phone or any point and click camera. 

Pitch deadline: ongoing


Features: Business and personal success stories from South Australia

Pitch for this brief

A news service based in South Australia is looking for hard news stories across five sectors - resources, tourism, food and wine, education and health. If you are knowledgeable in one of these areas this brief is for you. 

The aim of commissioned articles will be to encourage investment, business, international students and tourism to the state.

To achieve this, success stories from these sectors are commissioned. 

For example, a report on an SME who have diversified and entered international markets or, in the education sector, a story about an international student who has graduated from an SA institution and become successful in their home country or in Australia. 

For health, they'd a look at a researcher who has made a medical discovery. Why is SA a health industry leader? 

Articles will run between 500-700 words and a minimum of one picture will be supplied with complete copy. 

The style and tone is usually matches that of hard news stories and will appeal to people with a keen or professional interest in one of the five sectors. "We do proper journalism for a professional audience."

Stories will need to interest audiences outside of South Australia. 

The success of South Australian wine distributor, Vinomofo is an excellent example of the kind of story we'd look to feature. However, that company has already received wide media coverage. We are looking to profile largely unknown businesses and innovators who have not been reported on yet. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Commissioning remarkable pregnancy and birth stories

Pitch for this brief

One of Australia's top women's magazines is interested in commissioning stories about out-of-the-ordinary pregnancies. Do you know someone who has a remarkable story to tell?

For instance:

Extraordinary Labours: A person who has recently been through a horror labour experience, but come out on the other side proud and happy to introduce their new baby to the world?

'Miracle conceptions': A doctor may have told a couple they were unable to give birth naturally, but then some time later the couple conceives. 

'Surprise pregnancies': This might occur when a couple finds out they are pregnant only a month or on the day they have the baby - it happens!

Every good story has a hook that draws readers (and editors) in, so consider the title and opening of your pitch carefully.

The magazine's readership is mostly women, aged 25-50, who are in a relationship and have children.

We need to see images of the case study before we commission. These don't need to be the images that will go to print, and can be sourced from social media. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Life's big (and small) heroes

Pitch for this brief

From time to time, individuals do incredible things to help others in distress, at risk, or less fortunate. We want to share these incredible stories with our readers.

There are everyday heroes, like doctors and firefighters, but we are looking for is 'ordinary' heroes, put in a situation they had no training for, but acted with selflessness and courage. Individuals who are thrust into an extraordinary situation and subsequently save another's life(or the lives of many).

Kids sometimes save adults, siblings save each other and then there are parents - hero mums and dads who have put themselves in harms way to protect their children. There are even animals that prevent serious incidences from happening. 

The commissioned story or stories will be based on one case study. Depending on the strength of the story a feature could run to either 400 or 800 words. 

We are a highly circulated glossy women's magazine. Our audience is white bread middle Australia. They are married with children and read our exclusive stories to share remarkable stories with their friends. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Great escapes and survivor stories

Pitch for this brief

Personal accounts of close calls and amazing escapes make for excellent, on the edge of your seat reading. We are looking to publish more of these stories. 


Some stories might be inspiring, others shocking or just plain unbelievable. 


They might be escapes from crime, from an incredible accident, individual or unusual relationship. 


The most important thing when pitching your story to us is the hook. You'll want to grab our attention from the headline. 


Please also indicate the availability of images in your pitch.


We are a widely circulated glossy women's publication focusing on stories that speak to middle Australia. Our readers are women in a relationship, who have children and are between 25-54 years old.


Pitch deadline: Ongoing



Crime: New revelations in old crime stories

Pitch for this brief

Gripping crime stories are some of the most successful with our readers and because of this great untold yarns are in high demand. 

We are commissioning features that reveal new information on old cases or include interviews with people who were previously unwilling to talk. We want to know what revelations they can share. 

Are there convicted criminals who still protest their innocence and feel they have the evidence to back their story? Is there a crime story that has been left unreported on that our readers should know about?

Is there a crime story, which has not been reported on that our readers should know about?

It is important that our stories contain revelations and some amount of intrigue. 

The higher profile the case is the more interest we will take, but we are open to all good stories - no matter their age. 

We want convictions to be in place for these stories and claims made in stories should be backed by evidence. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Inspiring stories of lives lived on the land

Pitch for this brief

A leading woman's publication wants you to help them tell remarkable and inspiring 'living on the land stories'. 

These stories will offer inspiration to readers. They will be amazed at the strength, courage and determination of Australia's rural communities and particularly women. 

Stories could be about an unbelievable survival, rescue or close call. They could be about an unusual family unit who is doing something incredible. 

Who is overcoming the odds in a rural area? Who do you know whose story needs to be told?

The magazine's readership is middle Australian, they are usually married or in a relationship with kids and aged 25-54.

If you want more information on this brief please see contact below. 

Deadline: Ongoing


Celebrity: Reality TV stars dramatic transformation

Pitch for this brief

Reality TV stars are often lost to obscurity, and we are interested in finding out how they might have changed since their time in the spotlight, especially if the change has been dramatic. 

We're interested in hearing their stories, what have they been doing and what motivated them transform themselves. 

An obvious story might be about a Biggest Loser contestant who has kept up a good training regime and has reached their goal weight or beyond. Like this one.

Or, perhaps a former Bachelor or Bachelorette who previously broke hearts has found new love in interesting circumstances.

If you have any insight or stories relating to past contestants please pitch your story here. 

We're also interested in any light the former contestants could shed on behind the scenes controversies or operations. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Unusual towns, villages and communities

Pitch for this brief

We are looking for world travellers to bring our readers insights into the most bizarre and unusual neighbourhoods, towns and communities. 

There are many ways a place can be unusual. Perhaps there is some flabbergasting statistic, law, or social make-up. Maybe it's the unique architecture or a recent discovery that makes the place interesting/newsworthy?

The featured city could be in any corner of the world. The more unknown or remote the better. 

We'd need photos to be accessible, whether you take them yourself or source them from interviewees/tourism boards etc.  

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Stories for family women aged 50+

Pitch for this brief

We are a leading national publication, targeted at family women over 50 and are looking to commission great stories from around the country.

We love human interest stories, usually centering on women over 50 who have overcome adversity or are doing extraordinary things.

Also high on our wish list are exclusive features or interviews with well-known and respected mature Australian women across all backgrounds and abilities.

It will always help if there are supporting images, but if the story is strong enough, we can arrange a photographic shoot.

We would like to commission two stories each week, so there are plenty opportunities for your story to be told. 

Deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Unreal living and lifestyle

Pitch for this brief

Our intrigue in the unusual choices people makes has us interested in commissioning stories on people's unreal life choices. 

 The inspiration came from this article about a Google employee who has chosen to live in a truck over the expensive housing available in San Francisco. 

We are looking for case studies at home in Australia or abroad who have chosen a unique living or lifestyle situation. 

What are their motivations? What do their family or friends think of this decision?

Pitch Deadline: Ongoing


Landmark Australian ethical brand launches lifestyle hub

Pitch for this brief

A landmark Australian brand has launched an online lifestyle hub for the growing population that care about healthy food, healthy living and natural products. We are commissioning a set of articles to inspire and inform on a range of topics - from green smoothies to working out, ethical issues, skin care and hipster health cafes. 

The audience is broad - those that buy the brand's product as well as potential customers and those just looking for some good lifestyle reading. These people will have at least a small interest in healthy living or ethical/ natural skin care products. 

The first four articles we are commissioning have the following topics:

- Top 5 best vegan and or organic café in Sydney and Melb including hyperlink to venues and a few words as to why

- Top 5 Super Green Smoothie recipes

- Barre Class- the new workout trend- article on what this fitness trend is and why has become so popular

- ‘Superfoods.’ What are superfoods? And why are they important/ essential part of our diets and lifestyles?

Please pitch to one of these topics outlining how you would address the topic. Offer an interesting title. The articles should be fun, inspiring and engaging. 

After these four articles are commissioned we will be looking for many more - of your own ideation. So get in first and you will have the chance for ongoing work!

If you would like to pitch these extra topic ideas of your own, please pitch them separately, to this brief. 

If you have questions about the brief contact

Real life: Weight loss stories

Pitch for this brief

Do you know someone who has recently lost a significant amount of weight? We're looking for remarkable weight-loss stories.

Our readers are looking for inspiration and seeing others achieve great things is just the motivation they need.

We're commissioning weight-loss stories where a minimum of 30kgs has been lost. How did they do it? What unique or new methods were used? 

Every good weight-loss story has a hook that draws readers in, so consider the title of your pitch carefully.

Before and after photos are a must, so if you can please include them with your pitch. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Weddings against the odds

Pitch for this brief

Our readers love weddings - particularly the ones that don't go according to plan. If you have a good (or bad!) wedding story now is your chance to pitch it.

We share compelling stories with our readers that will get them chatting with their friends and family. 

Some examples would be a couple who have beaten extreme odds to get married. For example, they recovered from a 'terminal' illness and then married the love of their life. Or a wedding disaster story where things go completely awry - but in the end, things turn out okay. 

We also want share with our readers other quirky wedding stories.

Maybe the wedding is fancy dress or part of a social trend. Here are some examples

Please include any images with your pitch. If you have questions please contact the editor below. 

 Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Leading magazine for women looking for the big exclusive

Pitch for this brief

One of Australia's premier Woman's magazines is looking for your real life stories. 

They publish incredible stories every week and are looking for journalists to pitch great case studies from local beats. 

Stories must have an amazing hook that grab a readers' attention immediately.

Real life stories can cover: 

1. Crime and related survival stories. 
2. Ordinary people in extraordinary situations and overcoming the odds (medical, family, job etc.)
3. Incredible weight-loss stories (30kilos+)
4. Miraculous birth and conception stories (eg. "I was told I'd never be able to have children, but now I've had a baby")
5. Weird or unusual weddings and wedding incidents
6. And more...

There is a keen interest in stories that can be tied to important dates - Easter, Anzac Day, Christmas, New Year, Australia Day, Valentine's Day etc. 

They inform, entertain, enlighten and engage their audience with remarkable stories that almost have to be seen to be believed. Our regular readers are 45-year-old mums in a relationship who are not working full-time.

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Surrogacy case studies

Pitch for this brief

At the beginning of September, Nepal announced a crackdown on commercial surrogacy throwing 60-80 Australian families into limbo.

Surrogacy Australia have been assured that the couples who are expecting to have babies born in Nepal over the coming months will be able to get their children home - but there could be complications and delays.

We are looking for one or more of these families to tell their story of finally being united with their child. What has it been like waiting? What were the complications?

We'd be interested in other surrogacy related stories as well.

We publish in tabloid style, so please submit your pitch with this in mind.

Pitch deadline: Ongoing


Real Life: Unusual family stories

Pitch for this brief

The bedrock of the Australian way of life has for a long time been the family unit. But, not all families are the same, in fact, some are quite unusual. We are looking to feature such a family in our magazine.

We are looking for a family that you may know from your local community that want to share their remarkable story.

For example, we'd be interested telling the story of a family who have had several multiple births (twins/triplets). Is there a family that is "cheaper by the Dozen". Perhaps there is a family that is forced by circumstance or choice to live in an extraordinary way?

Our readers are inspired by the stories of incredible family units. They are interested in other lifestyles and aren't shy of the salacious, extraordinary or shocking. 

We are a women's magazine catering to a middle-Australian audience. We publish weekly on all things celebrity, wellbeing, and real life. 

Pitch deadline: Ongoing

Travel: 4x4 custom fitout and off-road trip in Australia

Pitch for this brief

As a magazine designed for 4x4 enthusiasts we like to show our readers what is possible.

We are commissioning a feature about a 4x4 custom fitout and subsequent off-road trip in Australia.

The feature should look at the make & model of vehicle, what components were added to the vehicle (make & model of parts), who did the work, how long it took, and why things were changed.

For the trip coverage, describe the trip and how the changes and modifications performed or didn’t perform on the journey.

Good quality images are mandatory - so please include them in your pitch.

Pitch deadline: 09/03/2016

If you have any questions please contact

Travel: 4x4 overseas adventure travelogue

Pitch for this brief

We are a publication designed for the 'everyman' 4x4 enthusiast.

We're commissioning a feature that will be about a 4x4 drive or holiday outside Australia. The trip commissioned will have already occured.

We'd like to know the nature of the trip. Where, when and how it was it all done. What was the scenery, location and terrain like? How long did it take? What were the highlights? What 4x4s were used and how did they perform?

An example trip might be the Moab Jeep Safari (USA) or desert driving in Dubai.

The 4x4 could be owned or hired.

For the story to be considered images must be previewed by the publication, so please attach some samples to your pitch.

Pitch Deadline: 09/03/2016

Contact for more information.

Resolve conflicting reports on oil tanker explosion

Pitch for this brief

There are still conflicting reports about what exactly happened to cause an oil tanker to explode, killing 85 people, in South Sudan.

We want to know exactly what happened for this tragedy to occur.

Some reports the oil tanker crashed and as people were trying to collect the fuel the tanker blew up. other reports say the fuel was being siphoned direct from the vehicle. There are also suggestions a lit cigarette sparked the explosion.

If you have any more information, video or photographs please pitch to this brief.

More information sought on Australian death in Bali

Pitch for this brief

An Australian man has died in Kuta, Bali overnight after he fell through a glass door in his hotel room.

Daniel Evans was holidaying with friends and after drinking allegedly crashed in the door. The broken glass striking a major artery.

Is there more to tell about the evening? What information can Evans's friends and family share?

Pitch deadline: 18/09/2015

Getting through detention

Pitch for this brief

An Iranian asylum seeker detained on Nauru has claimed he was 'locked in a urine-soaked cell' after begging to see his sister after she attempted suicide.

These are the stories Australians need to know more about.

We are hoping to tell the incredible stories of refugees who have now settled in Australia after being in detention.

We want to hear about their life in a detention centre and how they came through that experience.

Pitch deadline: 22/09/2015

Chile Earthquake: Hawaii affected

Pitch for this brief

We need reporters to cover the earthquake and the aftermath from Hawaii.

There are reports that some are being evacuated from their homes.

If you are available to help cover this event, please contact immediately and stay safe.

Reporters wanted: Earthquake shakes Chile

Pitch for this brief

We need reporters to cover the earthquake and the aftermath in Chile.

There is an imminent threat of Tsunami's which are expected to hit the coast at 11pm local time.

If you are available to help cover this event, please contact immediately and stay safe.

Australian and New Zealand History

Pitch for this brief

Our readers are passionate about genealogy, history and heritage.

We are commissioning history stories from New Zealand and Australia. We report on new discoveries in the field and also tell personal stories about some of our nation's more unknown citizen's.

We are also keen on features and biographies that shed new light on each nation's famous or infamous citizens.

Pitch deadline: 21/09/2015

Uncover vast collections

Pitch for this brief

The news this morning that Janis Joplin's psychedelic Porsche will be auctioned left us wondering who would by it and where would they put it?

We are looking for collectors to share their story. In particular we'd love to get access to a big unique collection.

We want to see the vast warehouses where collectors store anything from motor vehicles to doll houses. From the seemingly ordinary to the bizarre.

If you know a collector in you local area pitch their story here. Photo's will need to be sourced.

Pitch deadline: 19/09/2015

Food trucks with heart

Pitch for this brief

An international food truck company is looking for persuasive content that will help get their message out there and boost hires. Have you seen the movie Chef? Their trucks are just like that.

More importantly, for every meal that is bought, they donate a meal to someone in need. They have partnerships with charities and food banks all around the world.

The audience is corporate individuals, event organisers, community programs and real estate groups who may want to hire the services of the company.

Blog topics could range from:
- Thought pieces on their food donation policy
- Reasons for food truck hire
- Street food related articles
- Giving back to the community
- Food truck related stories, and more.

The company does everything from street food vending to corporate catering and everything in between. Not only do they manage the most delicious food trucks around, but they are doing good too.

This company want to encourage large organisations and corporate companies to make a difference to their local community.

For questions about the company, this brief, and topic ideas please contact

Pitch deadline: Australia - 2PM 16/09/2015
United States - 5PM (PT) 09/15/2015

Broad opportunity: European refugees crisis

Pitch for this brief

The European refugee crisis continues to be a massive story and with ISIS claiming they have secretly placed operatives amongst the masses of immigrants the situation is only going to become more complicated.

Germany has committed to taking on 800,000 Syrian refugees. What is the sentiment within the country regarding this decision and any potential security risks it poses for Germans and Europeans generally?

Do you have any news about ISIS gunmen members disguising themselves as refugees or is there an element to this story that hasn't been reported?

What are some of the broader implications for the rest of the world? Is this going to be a problem elsewhere and what can leaders do to address the issues posed by mass immigration?

Pitches can include interviews with normal German citizens, as well as authorities.

There is no ceiling on the content that can be pitched here: audio-visual and written pitches will both be accepted and we will accept a wide range of pitches, (including angles not outlined above) as long as their central conceit is the global refugee issue.

Pitch deadline: N/A

Video footage of 10 locations in LA

Pitch for this brief

A client has asked for a quote for videography of 10 locations in LA.

The footage will be interspersed between comments from our client's staff members and is intended to attract staff to our company.

The footage of each location will be very brief, perhaps as little as five seconds so the video will be full of cutaways.

We only require raw footage, no editing.

Could you please send through some sample footage, details of your experience and an hourly quote through to

Deadline for quotes: 12PM Monday September 14

Inside the mind of a killer

Pitch for this brief

Images have been released of the Colorado cinema shooter James Holmes' booby trapped home, raising further questions as to his state of mind.

We are interested in learning more about what makes a killer tick. We'd like to look at one or more old cases (where convictions have occured and all court proceedings are complete) and talk to the people involved.

We'd also want to hear from an expert, but the key to this piece is access to the story that will be shared exclusively.

Please pitch by 15/09/2015.

Early years parenting and health care

Pitch for this brief

We are soliciting pitches for an informative health hub that provides advice for parents of children up to 7 on issues they may encounter while raising their children.

Pitches can cover:

- Dental care.
- Sleep issues .
- Diet.
- Advice on coping with common problems for new parents.
- Pregnancy and birth advice.

Our target audience is:

- Primary: New parents, from conception through to the first 2 years.
- Secondary: Parents with kids up to 7 years of age.

Please contact for more information.

The deadline for pitches is 12PM Monday 14/9.

Get active this spring

Pitch for this brief

Are there proven benefits to exercising in clothes you look and feel great in as opposed to that 12 year old pair of tracksuit pants and tattered t-shirt?

As Spring kicks into gear, we are a national chain of department stores keen to promote a healthy lifestyle.

This campaign is intended to foster growth in sales of our activewear range (please contact for details on this category.)

Our primary audience is mum's aged 30-55, who is purchasing not only for herself but also for her partner and children.

The secondary audience is females under 30 who want to work out and look fashionable while they do so, but don’t want to pay a fortune while sweating it out at the gym.

We will accept general pitches about the benefits of exercise but the main aim here is to highlight the psychological and physical link between activewear and exercise.

The deadline for pitches is 2PM Friday september 11.

International child abduction

Pitch for this brief

Paul Brown's life was turned upside down when his two-year-old son Liam was abducted by his ex-wife in 2005.

The boy was taken to Japan for a two week holiday and never returned.

Mr Brown, from Toowoomba, now knows where his son lives in Japan, but so far has been refused access to him.

We'd like to hear more on this story. Starting by speaking exclusively to his ex-wife in Japan to hear her story.

If you know anything more about this story please pitch to this brief by 11/09/2015

Interview Australian woman from prison

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An Australian woman has been jailed for 20 years in Vietnam for smuggling heroin in her underwear, Vietnamese state media is reporting.

The woman's name has not been released and we are keen to find out more about this woman's story.

What we know: she is 38 and was caught with 376 grams of the drug at Tan Son Nhat airport in December last year.

If you know anything and can chase this exclusive please pitch to this brief by 4pm 10/09/2015.

Double mastectomy for men

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Men with breast cancer are increasingly opting for double mastectomy's, reports suggest.

This is despite an apparent lack of evidence that the surgery improved the patients chances of survival.

We'd like to commission a story about an Australian family man who has had a double mastectomy and survived. We want to hear about their Highs and lows.

Please pitch by 11/09/2015.


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Halloween is fast approaching and we, a department store, intend to use the event to establish an emotional connection with our customers.

Our audience is families looking to get dressed up and have fun with neighbours and family friends.

Our campaign objectives are to:

• Drive foot traffic both in store and online
• Facilitate in store conversion.
• Combat our competitors Halloween events.
• Build an event identity to position us as a destination for Halloween in the Australian market.

What is fun about halloween and how can families celebrate it?

Pitches should focus on trick & treating, costumes, and confectionary.

Please contact for more information.

Pitch deadline is 12PM Friday September 11.

Australian Exclusives

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Do you have a story that you have been working on, know about or want to cover?

If so, we would like to hear about it.

Right now, we are looking for pitches with any of the following:

- Exclusive angles on current news stories
- Interviews with famous Australian's
- Stories about Australian's overseas
- Exclusive videos and images
- Weird and wonderful 'real life' exclusives from across Australia
- Celebrity scoops
- Photo essays from around the world

If you have a story that you feel is entertaining or insightful, please pitch it by 10/09/15.

Australian's abroad

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Australian news and lifestyle site - looking for exclusive stories about Australians abroad, or that concern Australian's more generally.

In particular, we would like to hear from you if you have exclusive:

- interviews
- images
- videos

If you have a story that you feel would make headlines in Australia, please pitch it ASAP via Newsmodo and we will be in touch to discuss a commission.


Syrian Refugee Crisis

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We are a global news organisation looking for stories about the current refugee crisis.

Do you have stories that are unobtainable otherwise or can you offer a unique insight into the situation?

Please pitch stories via Newsmodo by 11/09/15

Photographic essays

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We are an Australian news site looking for photographic essays from around the world.

These should tell incredible stories from all corners of the globe with beautiful, high res images.

Of particular interest are any stories that shed light on Australians living abroad or issues about Australian foreign policy.

William Tyrell's Disappearance

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Australian news outlets are hoping to help uncover any information regarding the disappearance of toddler, William Tyrell.

It comes after new clues were revealed for the first time on television last night regarding two suspicious cars parked on the street on the day he went missing.

If you have any information that might shed light on this case, please pitch if via the site ASAP.


Exclusive news and current affairs stories

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We are a leading tabloid in the UK and love any exclusive stories about our sporting stars and celebrities.

We would also consider weird and wonderful 'real life' stories and anything about Brits behaving badly abroad.

If you have a story, video or pics you think would make headlines, we want to hear from you ASAP!

Deadline: 11/9/15

Aussies in the UK

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Hello British journalists across the UK!

We are an Australian online news site, on the hunt for great exclusives about Aussies abroad.

Do you have any stories, videos or images that you could pitch to us and we will make you an offer?

If so, please pitch via Newsmodo ASAP and we will be in touch.